Are Megabus and Citylink the same?

Are Megabus and Citylink the same?

Megabus is Citylink, some buses run with Citylink paintwork and others with Megabus The main difference is that if you know exactly what time you want to get the bus then you can save money by booking on the internet with Megabus.

Do Citylink buses have chargers?

High specification, luxury vehicles On-board amenities include fold-down tables, reading lights, mobile device holders and USB and wireless chargers at every seat.

Do Scottish Citylink buses have toilets?

Yes, all our coaches are equipped with toilet and washroom facilities.

Does Scottish Citylink have an app?

Scottish Citylink coverage area map The Most Popular Urban Mobility App in Scotland.

Is Citylink owned by Stagecoach?

Under the terms of the agreement, Stagecoach Bus Holdings Ltd took a 35% shareholding in Scottish Citylink Coaches Ltd and in return granted certain rights to the Megabus brand in Scotland. The remaining 65% shareholding is held by Braddell Ltd, a UK subsidiary of ComfortDelGro.

How much is a bus ticket from Glasgow to Edinburgh?

Bus tickets between Glasgow and Edinburgh cost $6.66 on average, but you can get tickets for as low as $2.99 if you book in advance and/or outside of busy travel times, like weekends and holidays. For a quick, easy and environmentally-conscious choice, travel with FlixBus.

Does CityLink buses have Wi-Fi?

On board our coaches we offer toilet facilities, reclining seats for leg room and free Wi-Fi for all of our customers.

Where is the bathroom on megabus?

Do Megabuses have bathrooms? Yes, they do. There is one unisex bathroom at the back of the lower deck. It’s quite small—not unlike an airplane bathroom—so many riders prefer to wait for the bus to pull over to use the restrooms.07-May-2022

Does megabus have a toilet?

Toilet. Toilet facilities are available on board all of our coaches.

How far in advance can you book CityLink?

2 days

Can you use your Scottish bus pass in England?

Unfortunately, you can’t use it for travel in England or Wales.

How does Wi-Fi on busses work?

How Wi-Fi for Buses Works. In most cases, the buses use routers with IEEE 802.11p capabilities, which provide reliable internet access in a moving vehicle. To make things easier, some transport buses can use a modem with a SIM card if the router has a USB input.18-Jan-2018

Do you have to wear a mask on the bus in Scotland?

Travelling during COVID-19 We strongly recommend that you wear a face covering when using public transport services and facilities.

Is there a toilet on the bus from Glasgow to Oban?

Our service buses do not have toilet facilities available on board.

Can you eat on coaches?

If you’re travelling in Standard, you can pop along to Café Métropole, our onboard bar buffet, to pick up drinks, snacks and meals en route. Café Métropole can be found in coaches 6 and 13 on our original trains and e300 and coaches 8 and 9 on an e320.

Who owns CityLink?


Who has bought Megabus?

Megabus’ response was to withdraw the £1 fares altogether, leading some passengers to note that the ASA’s decision has worked to the detriment of Megabus customers. In December 2021, as part of its merger with National Express, Stagecoach sold Megabus to ComfortDelGro to satisfy the Competition & Markets Authority.

What group owns Stagecoach?


How often do buses run from Glasgow to Edinburgh?

every 20 minutes

How long is train journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh?

1 hour and 14 minutes

Is there a direct bus from Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh?

There’s no direct bus from Glasgow airport to Edinburgh, you will first need to take the Airport Express service 500 to Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow city centre, then take the Citylink 900 bus from there to Edinburgh.22-Jun-2022

Are Megabus and Citylink the same?