Can I get OD directly from JNTUK?

Can I get OD directly from JNTUK?

No you cannot get OD in one day . You can get PC in one day by applying in tatkal by paying 3000 rs . Generally university takes three to four months to print the OD and they will send the OD to your address. But try to contact university examination cell people and explain your problem clearly .

How many days will it take to get OD from JNTUK after applying?

The Original Degree (OD) Will Be Made Ready Within 45 Days Of Time After Submission & Will Be Sent To The Given Address.JNTUK Kakinada : Procedure To Apply For Original Degree (OD).

How do I contact JNTUK for OD?

Contact: +91 884 230 0928.

How can I download OD from JNTUK?

JNTUK Convocation 2022. Now, click on the “”Status of application” on tab, then the page is redirect to the “OD status” link. Once the Status page is open, then Select the “Certificate Type” and Enter the “Hall Ticket” number. Certificate Type: Original Degree or Migration, Select any.14-Feb-2022

Can we apply OD in Tatkal?

After taking Tatkal PC and CMM, can we apply for OD? Yes you can apply for OD(Original Degree) after getting your PC and CMM.

Is OD and Convocation same?

Is OD and Convocation same? Not necessarily. Convocation certificates just state that the student pursued his XYZ degree at the University. It does not mention the final grade of your course.

Is OD and provisional certificate same?

What is the difference between a Provisional Degree and Original Degree? Answer: Provisional Degree is temporary and the original degree is a permanent document.01-Jun-2022

Is original degree certificate required for visa?

Degree Attestation is mandatory for getting employment visa in foreign countries. This requires attestation of the original degree certificates first from the country where the degree was issued and later attesting the certificates from the country where the job is applied.

What is OD certificate?

Original Degree Certificate Original Degree is issued to the passing out students during convocation.

Is Jntuk open on Saturday?

Yes ! Expect for 1st yrs , others students have holidays on Saturdays. If some professor needs extra classes, then he'd take special classes on Saturday . This is only about JNTUH !

How can I use od in Jntuk for 2021 pass outs?

Process To Apply for JNTUK Original Degree 2021

What is Jntuk registration number?

Phone: Off: 0884-2300900. Email:

What is Tatkal PC?

'Tatkal' degrees Getting a provisional certificate from the university through regular mode has become a tough task for students as they have to wait for months to get it, whereas in tatkal, students are receiving their provisional certificates within 24 hours of applying for them.04-Sept-2018

What is Post convocation?

Post convocation: After completion of the convocation, those who are not applied, those who are completed course in supplementary he/she has to pay Rs. 500/- additionally every late year i.e., Rs. 1600/- (600 OD fee + 500 late fee), for 1st late year, Rs.15-Aug-2013

What is PC and CMM?

JNTUK : Procedure to apply for Provisional Certificates (PC), Consolidated Marks Memos (CMM)01-Sept-2020

How can I use Tatkal PC in JNTUK?

JNTUK Tatkal PC/CMM Apply Online

How can I change my name in btech certificate?


Is graduation Marksheet enough for document verification?

Generally, the original certificates will be issued only after the convocation of the year you passed is over. Till such time provisional certificate will be enough. Your backlogs will not be a problem as now you have completed all the subjects and the university declared that you passed the examination.26-Feb-2022

Can I get my degree before convocation?

Diplomas are normally distributed to new graduates at their Convocation ceremony, in either May or November. Diplomas are not available prior to your Convocation date.

Can I use provisional degree certificate?

Is provisional degree certificate valid? How long is it valid for? As long as the candidate does not receive their original certificates, they can use the provisional certificate at the time of admission, jobs, etc. However, once the official document is issued, provisional one can not be used.

Is convocation certificate important?

In a convocation, the individuals are assembled formally, majorly for academic purposes. It can also be called the graduation ceremony for the previous batches. On successful completion of a course, students get their degrees or certificates during the convocation ceremony organized by a university or college.15-Feb-2022

Can I get OD directly from JNTUK?