Can we trust Shiprocket?

Can we trust Shiprocket?

To verify the delivery attempts are legitimate, and not fake, Shiprocket has aligned with courier partners using APIs and receives regular updates about the whereabouts of your orders. Therefore, a process that took almost 24 hours, Shiprocket's panel helps you do it in nearly 5 minutes.15-Nov-2019

Is Shiprocket delivery good?

Shiprocket is a great shipping solution who is handling all our requirement to being a leader in Foods Category. There account manager is very helpful and Ready to give support at any

Is Shiprocket a good company to work for?

Shiprocket has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5, based on over 190 reviews left anonymously by employees. 83% of employees would recommend working at Shiprocket to a friend and 85% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 6% over the last 12 months.28-Jul-2022

Is Shiprocket fast?

Another great option is to opt for courier aggregator platforms such as Shiprocket.Shipping cost.

Is Shiprocket fake or real?

You just pay and pay till you realize it is a SCAM company. Shiprocket is total fraud company. They deducted my money without any courier delivery attempt and after that they deducted money for RTO(Return Courier). I have complainted them and it's been more than 10 days but my problem is still not resolved yet.24-Aug-2022

Who owns Shiprocket?

Saahil Goel

Is Shiprocket and Bluedart same?

Is Shiprocket and Blue Dart same? With Blue Dart's powerful shipping service and Shiprocket's all-in-one dashboard, you can process your orders much faster at an affordable price. Upon choosing Shiprocket, you can get access to not only Blue Dart but 14 other courier partners which are as competent as Blue Dart.

How long does Shiprocket take to deliver?

1-day and 2-day delivery refer to express shipping wherein the customers receive the product they have purchased within the stipulated period. Standard shipping takes atleast 3-5 business days, but customers want quicker action on the delivery due to the changing expectations.24-Jun-2021

Is Shiprocket for personal use?

You must be 18 years or older to use this Service. You must provide your full legal name, current address, a valid email address, and any other information needed in order to complete the signup process. You are responsible for keeping your password secure.

Is Shiprocket good Quora?

shiprocket is not at all reliable. they won't resolve any of your issues. You will be forced to directly deal with the courier companies if you want your courier to be delivered. They make false promises and have refunded me 2 rupees after delhivery lost my 80000 worth courier.

How do I contact Shiprocket?

If you would like to speak to us, please feel free to call 92666-23006 between 07:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Is Shiprocket good for international shipping?

Shiprocket X is a unique offering that supports your business to ship your products abroad. It caters to 220+ countries and has courier partners like DHL, FedEx, and Aramex under its banner. Shiprocket is a reputed shipping aggregator offering shipping services across India.07-Sept-2018

Does Shiprocket deliver in one day?

Give Your Business The Advantage of Next-Day Delivery Provide 1-day and 2-day shipping options to your customers by storing your inventory in Shiprocket Fulfillment's thoroughly equipped fulfillment centers located across India.

Does Shiprocket do same day delivery?

Yes, Borzo does hyperlocal deliveries across India with Shiprocket. Will my packages be delivered on the same day? Yes, Borzo does offer same-day delivery.

Which courier is fastest in India?

7 Fastest Courier Services Companies in India

Which courier service is best in India?

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Which is better Shiprocket or Pickrr?

Shiprocket provides the best number of discounts as well as basic NDR management and fast COD Reconciliation. Pickrr provides viable shipping rates but a wider variety of shipping services based on the volume of orders that you are handling on a monthly basis.

Can I get my money back from Shiprocket wallet?

What happens to my recharge balance if I cancel my account? - Shiprocket. If at all you cancel your account, the unused recharge amount will be refunded back to you.24-Oct-2016

Is Shiprocket product based company?

Shiprocket, a product of BigFoot Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd., is one of India's largest tech-enabled logistics and fulfillment platforms that aims to democratise the eCommerce landscape of the country.

Is Shiprocket and Xpressbees same?

ETtech Illustration: Rahul Awasthi. Bengaluru: Xpressbees, one of the largest third-party logistics firms will now open up over 50 of its warehouses to service direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands days after Shiprocket's acquisition of Pickrr which was aimed to bolster its direct commerce business.21-Jun-2022

How does Shiprocket work in India?

It takes just a click of a button for carriers such as Fedex, Bluedart, Aramex and 13+ other courier partners to get information about the order, location of pick up, value of the order, weight and size of the shipment. As soon as they receive these details, a notification prompt for pick-up reaches the carrier.23-Jul-2013

Can we trust Shiprocket?