Can you extend mail redirection?

Can you extend mail redirection?

How long can I renew my Redirection for? From home addresses: you can renew for three, six or 12 months. From a PO Box®: the maximum Redirection period is six months.

How do I renew my post redirection?

How do I renew an existing redirection?

Can I change my Royal Mail redirection?

We'll need to cancel the current Redirection and you'll need to pay for a new one to be set up. For security reasons, we'll need the person who applied to provide their signature again. Please allow five working days for the changes to take place.

How do I contact Royal Mail about redirection?

Contact us For terms and conditions visit, write to Redirection Centre, Trent House, Media Way, STOKE-ON-TRENT ST1 5ST or call Customer Services on: 03457 777 888. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, we offer a Textphone service on 0345 600 0606.

Can you extend mail forwarding past one year?

Customers may extend a permanent change-of-address order for up to an additional 18 months of forwarding by purchasing Extended Mail Forwarding service at a Post Office or online through the Change of Address Application (MoversGuide) on

How many months can you redirect mail for?

Some common redirection questions ​You can still apply to have your mail redirected up to six months after you've moved.

Do you have to pay for redirected mail?

You can't redirect your mail for free, but you can either pay to redirect your mail or update your address across all providers at the same time.

Can you redirect mail free of charge UK?

Under something called the inland letter post scheme, you are allowed to forward a letter free of charge within 24 hours of receiving it. In practice, the 24-hour rule is not enforced. But whenever you forward a letter (and even if you do it within 24 hours) it won't get priority.23-Nov-1997

What happens if you miss an post delivery?

You (the addressee) must sign the 'sorry we missed you' notice and the agent must have this and their own identification in order to collect the item. Arrange redelivery of the item online to the same or an alternative address. Redeliveries can take approximately 3 to 5 working days to be delivered.

How accurate is Royal Mail redirection?

How reliable is Royal Mail Redirection? It's always a worry that redirected mail won't be processed correctly, but rest assured, you're guaranteed the same Royal Mail service you're used to.

How much does it cost to change an address with Royal Mail?

You can redirect your mail to any UK or overseas address for 3, 6 or 12 months from just £33.99. We offer concession prices which are lower than the prices for a standard Redirection to personal customers on Universal Credit or Pension Credit. Find out more.

What type of mail Cannot be redirected?

We can't redirect: Mail for people who weren't living at the old address. Personal mail from a business address. Items addressed 'To the occupier'

Do Royal Mail have a live chat?

Royal Mail doesn't have any Live Chat facility but you can still submit your issues here.

How can I check if my mail is being redirected UK?

If you suspect your mail is being stolen, contact the Royal Mail Customer Enquiry Line: 08457 740 740. Check whether a mail redirection order has been made in your name without your knowledge. If you move house, tell your bank, card issuer and all other organisations that you deal with immediately.

What happens if I miss my Royal Mail redelivery?

I arranged a Redelivery, but missed the item again You can rearrange another Redelivery online. Please remember we need two working days before attempting another delivery. You can also arrange to have your item redelivered to a local Post Office® branch. You can do this on the Redelivery form.

Can you forward mail longer than 6 months?

Extended Mail Forwarding Standard mail forwarding lasts 12 months. You can pay to extend mail forwarding for 6, 12, or 18 more months (18 months is the maximum). To purchase Extended Mail Forwarding, you can add it when you first submit your change-of-address request or if you later edit your request.

Can you forward mail for more than 6 months?

The Postal Service provides temporary forwarding service for a period of 2 weeks to 6 months (15 to 185 days) in response to an initial temporary change-of-address order.08-Nov-2007

What happens when mail forwarding expires?

After a set amount of time has passed (between 15 days and 364 days) your mail will no longer be forwarded but will instead be sent to the previous address on record.11-Feb-2021

How do I extend my Royal Mail redirection?

Please note: You need to be logged in to your Royal Mail account to renew. Our short video shows how to renew your Redirection online: You can also renew by post, the details are in your invite or by phone using our automated Renewal system by calling 03457 777888.

Can I get my mail redirected to a Post Office?

Mail that would normally be delivered to your home address can also be redirected to a PO Box if you wish, so everything is kept together. Just remember, the mail will have to be in the same name as that found on the PO Box registration.08-Apr-2015

How long does it take to redirect mail in UK?

How long does it take to get a Royal Mail Redirection set up? Royal Mail recommend allowing up to three weeks to get a redirection set up, but they can be processed in as little as five working days. You can apply for a redirection up to 3 months before moving, so try to give as much notice as you can.

Can you extend mail redirection?