Does Australia Post use Sendle?

Does Australia Post use Sendle?

Delivery startup Sendle takes on Australia Post with price guarantee as postage competition continues. Sendle co-founder and chief James Chin-Moody. Source: supplied.11-Apr-2018

What courier does Sendle use in Australia?


How long does a Sendle delivery take?

within two business days

Who owns Sendle Australia?

James Chin Moody

Is Sendle cheaper than Aus Post?

Sendle Price Guarantee: Cheaper than Parcel Post.01-Mar-2021

How is Sendle so cheap?

Sendle Blends the Country Into Averages, Instead of Focusing on the Zone-Based Rates to Every Destination. The main theory behind Sendle is that it blends all packages into prices based on nationwide averages, instead of offering the cheapest rates to each USPS zone.22-Oct-2020

Is Sendle reliable Australia?

Overview. Sendle has a consumer rating of 1.22 stars from 279 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Sendle most frequently mention customer service, phone number and business days problems.

Is Sendle safe to use?

Absolutely shockingly bad service, if you want your parcel to arrive anywhere, DO NOT USE Sendle. If your parcel gets lost good luck!

What shipping company does Sendle use?


Why does Sendle take so long to deliver?

Sendle uses a ‘hub and spoke’ delivery model, compared to a point-to-point system. This means that deliveries don’t take couriers out of their way. Drivers are already traveling on their normal routes, in their local areas, when they pick up parcels and load them for delivery.

How fast is Sendle Australia?

within two business days

Does Sendle deliver to your door?

Sendle collects your parcel directly from your door – no waiting in line and no wasted time!

How many customers does Sendle have?

This is the first time Sendle has offered a comprehensive returns service to its customers. The Australia Post alternative now has more than 1 million customers globally, with the majority of those in Australia, and in 2021, saw a 98% increase in parcel volumes compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019.28-Jan-2022

Does Sendle deliver on weekends?

Does Sendle pickup and deliver on weekends and public holidays? No, ordinarily our couriers are on holiday, too, on these dates. On normal business days, we pickup and deliver anytime between 8am and 6pm.

How do you do Sendle?

Sending your first parcel

  • Open up your dashboard and click the ‘Send a Parcel’ button below ‘Welcome to Sendle!’
  • This will prompt you to fill in your contact info and pickup address.
  • Then you can tell us who you’re sending to, and pick the right package type (satchel or box), size and weight for your delivery.

What is the cheapest way to send parcels in Australia?

What is the cheapest way to send a package in Australia? The cheapest way to send a package in Australia is to use the Australian postal services who have “if it fits it ships” and “flat rate shipping boxes”.12-Mar-2022

How much does it cost to send a 5kg parcel in Australia?

Flat rate postage using your packaging

Which is the cheapest way to send a parcel?

Drop Off and drop your shipping costs Another smart way to save money and send your parcel the cheapest way is to book online and Drop Off. When the courier does not have the expense of coming to collect from your home or work address, this cost can be removed from the process.

Is Sendle free?

Simply sign up for a free Sendle account and enter your pickup and delivery info, and the package size and weight.

Is Sendle an Australian company?

Sendle is an Australian-based company which provides courier services within the country, focusing primarily on small to medium-sized businesses and online retailers. It claims to be the first courier company in Australia to offer fully carbon neutral services. James Bradfield Moody, Sean Geoghegan, Craig Davis.

Does Sendle deliver to post boxes?

The deal with post offices and PO boxes Sendle can’t deliver to Australia Post-owned properties (this includes post offices, PO boxes, locked bags, parcel lockers or parcel collect locations) because Australia Post restricts delivery to these locations.

Does Australia Post use Sendle?