How can I check my au account balance by missed call?

How can I check my au account balance by missed call?

You can check your AU Bank credit card balance by giving a missed call to 1800-120-2586.

How can I check my AU Bank balance by SMS?

Missed Call Banking

How do I check my AU Bank account balance?

For knowing your AU Bank account balance, give a missed call to the toll free number 1800 120 2586. To get the mini statement, you can give a missed call on 1800 121 2586.17-Nov-2022

How can I check my last 5 transaction in AU Bank?

AU Bank Mini Statement Number AU Small Finance BankMini Statement Number: 1800-121-2586. Mini Statement by SMS: Not Available. Mini Statement by Missed Call: Available 1800 121 2586.

How do I see missed calls?

See your call history

Can I check my account balance by phone?

Mobile Apps and Text Messages Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices make it easy to check on accounts from just about anywhere. Most banks provide apps (or at least websites designed for mobile devices) that allow you to see your account balance online and on-the-go.26-May-2022

What is full form of Au bank?

AU gets its name from Aurum, the Latin word for gold and its chemical symbol, 'Au' which is considered auspicious in many parts of India. Hence AU Small Finance Bank does not have a full form.

How can I check Allahabad account balance?

If you want to check your account balance without the internet, you can use Allahabad Bank's miss call service or SMS service. Give a missed call to 09223150150 from your registered mobile number or type 'BALAVL ' and send it to the same number.27-Jun-2022

What is minimum balance in Au bank account?

No minimum saving account limit required. Complimentary feature-rich Visa Debit Card with enhanced insurance coverage, 1000 plus offers and discounts across leading brands in India.

How do I check my account statement?

How to Access Your Bank Statements Online

  • Log in to your account through the bank's website or app.
  • Find where your bank houses their electronic statements.
  • Select the statement period you want to view.
  • Review the statement on your computer, tablet, or phone — or download your statement as a PDF.

How do I check my full bank account details?

Cheque books, passbooks and account statements have your account number printed on them. You can check your bank account number online with mobile and internet banking. You can also visit your bank branch to know your account number.23-Dec-2021

How do I check my balance online?

Login to your bank's site online It is possible to check your account balance anytime online by logging on to the official website of the concerned bank on your phone. To use this facility, you just need to visit the bank's official website and access your account information.16-Jul-2020

How do I get last 10 transactions?

Enter user ID, password and then enter the OTP sent to your phone. Select Account Summary. Click on “Click here for last 10 transactions”. Once you click on it, you will get the details of the last 10 transactions along with the date, narration, credit, debit, and balance.

Can bank last 5 transactions SMS?

It required giving a missed call from your registered mobile number and does not need internet connectivity. Dial 09015734734 from your registered mobile number and you will get an SMS from the bank with details like the current balance and details of the last 5 transactions.16-Aug-2022

How can I check my last 10 transactions in Union Bank of India?

Q. How can I get the Union Bank of India Mini Statement via SMS? To get your mini statement via SMS, send 'UMNS' to 09223008486 from your registered mobile number. Post that, you will receive a text message with your last transaction details.07-Sept-2022

How can I check my calls history?

How to find Call Logs on your phone. To access your call history (i.e. a list of all of your call logs on your device), simply open your device's phone app which looks like a telephone and tap Log or Recents. You'll see a list of all incoming, outgoing calls and missed calls.

How can I get call details?

On Android Devices

  • Launch the Phone app.
  • If the recent tab is not opened immediately, click on Recent at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the number you want to check its recent call history.
  • From the dropdown options on the number, tap History. In some devices, it should be Call details or the "i" icon.

How can I track call history?

If you ever need to view another phone's call log, there are a couple of ways to do so: you can track any phone's call history from the phone carrier's webpage by logging in with the appropriate phone number and password, or you can download a third-party app to track the phone's information.21-Oct-2022

What is mobile balance check number?

You can find out more about your Airtel number's balance, data balance, and other details by dialing *121*1#, *121*9#, and *121*10#, or *123*#, *123*11#, *121*8#, and *123*197#.

How can I check my balance quickly?

If you are a prepaid FASTag customer and have registered your mobile number with the prepaid wallet of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), you can know your balance by giving a missed call to the toll-free number: 1300 or +91-8884333331. This is available 24x7.

How can I check my balance without mobile?

How To Check Bank Balance Without Registered Mobile Number

  • Use an ATM. If your phone number is not registered, you can directly go to the ATM and check out your account balance.
  • Call the Bank. There is a massive difference between taking the help of digital methods and approaching the Bank.
  • Talking to teller.

How can I check my au account balance by missed call?