How can I check my IDFC FASTag balance with vehicle number?

How can I check my IDFC FASTag balance with vehicle number?

To check the balance on your IDFC FASTag wallet, you can visit IDFC's portal and check by simply entering your Vehicle number and clicking on 'Submit'.

How do I check my FASTag balance online?

Here is how to do it:

How do I get my IDFC FASTag statement?


How can I check my FASTag balance through SMS?

According to the tweet, the SBI FASTag customer, from their registered mobile number, must send the SMS, FTBAL, for a single vehicle, to 7208820019.10-Sept-2022

Where can I check my FASTag balance?

If you are a prepaid FASTag customer and have registered your mobile number with the prepaid wallet of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), you can know your balance by giving a missed call to the toll-free number: 1300 or +91-8884333331. This is available 24x7.

How do I check my balance on FASTag app?

To check balance through MyFASTag App:

How can I check my mobile number in FASTag?

Kindly call 1033 helpline to guide you through the process. I've bought a used car on which fastag is there. When I checked, chasis no is linked with it instead of reg no.

How do I check my FASTag balance on Google pay?

Click on the option of 'View Balance'. As soon as the option is clicked, your current FASTag balance (including deposit) will appear before you. For example, if you have ICICI Bank's FASTag and your vehicle number is AB 12 CD3456. Then, click on ICICI FASTag and enter your vehicle number without space, i.e AB12CD3456.

Is there an app for IDFC FASTag?

IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag on the App Store.

What is the minimum balance in IDFC FASTag?

As a customer, you need to recharge your FASTag for a minimum of Rs 100 to keep the tag active. Apart from this, the recharge amount is entirely up to you. The maximum amount is decided by your bank based on your account and vehicle type.09-Mar-2022

How can I check my IDFC FASTag balance in PhonePe?

Steps To Check FASTag Balance In PhonePe Register on the PhonePe account using your credentials. Step 2: As soon as you log in to the app, the app's interface will open before you. On the home screen of the app; in the main menu head 'Recharge and Pay Bills' click on the option of 'See All'.

Does FASTag send SMS?

Post payment through FASTag, the Customer will receive an SMS on his registered mobile number for each transaction and balance is deducted from your FASTag account.

How much is balance in FASTag?

The minimum recharge amount is Rs100, and you can top up your FASTag balance up to Rs1 lakh.

Why my FASTag is not showing balance?

Once you have recharged your FASTag account, it will take at least 30 minutes to 2 hours to reflect in your FASTag account. During this period, if you pass through any of the toll plazas, adequate balance will not be there in the FASTag account.

Can we check FASTag balance by vehicle number?

First, you need to download the MyFASTag app from your mobile phone's app store or Play Store. Login into the app by entering your credentials. Once logged in, you will have to enter your vehicle number. You can check your FASTag balance linked to your vehicle number.

What is 24 digit ID in FASTag?

Here, you can either scan the QR code on the FASTag or manually enter the 24-digit FASTag ID displayed at the bottom of the tag, and your FASTag gets activated instantly. Post activation, you can link your bank account to the FASTag. This way, when you pass an ETC booth, the toll fare is deducted automatically.30-Sept-2021

Is FASTag linked to vehicle number?

Yes, a FASTag is always linked to a vehicle number. You can change the vehicle number for a FASTag, but it can serve only one vehicle number at a time. To change the vehicle number for a FASTag, you will require scanned copies of your new vehicle's RC (Registration Certificate).06-Jun-2022

Can I show FASTag on mobile?

You can use a FASTag scanner app to buy FASTag, check balance, recharge, and track your expenditure at toll plazas via mobile. The NHAI has launched two mobile applications called My FASTag and FASTag Partner for such purposes. My FASTag: This app is available for iOS and Android mobile users.06-Jun-2022

What is customer ID in IDFC Bank?

Your Customer ID is available in your welcome SMS, welcome email or on account statements shared by the bank on your registered email ID. You can also access your Customer ID using Get customer ID. Step 3 of 6: Authenticate your account so we know it's you.

How do I log into my FASTag account?

If you have registered as an individual, you can access your account using the Retail Login. Instead, if you have signed up as a corporate user, you can log in from the Corporate Login on the home page of the FASTag portal. 4. Enter your password and then click login to access your FASTag portal.

Can FASTag balance negative?

After crossing the toll plaza, if the account balance becomes negative, the bank can recover the amount from the security deposit, which should be replenished at the time of the next recharge by the user, it added. With more than 2.54 crore users, FASTag contributes 80 per cent of the total toll collection.10-Feb-2021

How can I check my IDFC FASTag balance with vehicle number?