How can I check my SBI mini statement on mobile?

How can I check my SBI mini statement on mobile?

To get the Mini Statement i.e. last 5 transactions on the account. You will receive an SMS. Send consent SMS (CHQACCY6 digit no. received in SMS) to 917208933145 within 2 hours of receipt of SMS for further processing.01-Sept-2022

How can I check my last 10 transactions in SBI?

You can give a missed call to 09223866666 or send 'MSTMT' on the same number, download and use SBI mobile application or log-in to SBI net banking portal. Mini statements can also be viewed from SBI or any other bank's ATM.29-Nov-2022

What is this number 09223766666?

Step (1): The phone number for Missed Call Balance Enquiry in SBI is 09223766666.

How can I download my SBI mini statement?

To generate an account statement:

How can I check my SBI balance by SMS?

Functionalities. Balance Enquiry can be obtained by giving missed call or by sending SMS. This feature triggers a message and gives the balance for registered account. A SMS is triggered to 9223766666 for Balance Enquiry.

How can I get SBI WhatsApp statement?

Send a “Hi” from your WhatsApp Number to +919022690226 and follow the instructions given by the Chat-Bot.11-Oct-2022

How can I check my SBI last 5 transaction by SMS?

To receive the SBI Mini Statement via SMS, send an SMS to 09223866666 with the word 'MSTMT' in the subject line. The SBI Mini Statement will be delivered to the registered mobile number, detailing the latest five transactions.

How can I check my last 20 transactions in SBI?

Website: Login to and click on 'My Accounts' tab on left hand side. Transaction History: These are all transactions made on your account in the last 24 months. Mobile Application: Login to the SBI Card Mobile App and click on the “Your Account.

How do I get last 10 transactions?

Enter user ID, password and then enter the OTP sent to your phone. Select Account Summary. Click on “Click here for last 10 transactions”. Once you click on it, you will get the details of the last 10 transactions along with the date, narration, credit, debit, and balance.23-Jun-2022

What is this number 09223488888?

The procedure to register SBI Missed Call Banking (SBI Quick) is mentioned below: You must send an SMS to 09223488888 from the mobile number that is linked to your account. The format of the SMS must be 'REG Account Number'. Once the SMS is sent, you will receive a confirmation message.

What is this number 09223966666?

How to enable SBI Contactless debit card through SMS. SBI customers can send SMS to 09223966666 from registered mobile number.25-Jul-2022

How do I check balance in SBI?

The account-holders can check their SBI balance by calling the SBI balance inquiry toll free number 09223766666. They can also inquire about their balance by calling the SBI customer service numbers 1800112211 and 18004253800.

How do I open a mini statement?

To get a mini statement at an ATM, follow these steps.

How can I get 6 months SBI SMS statement?

Customers can avail e-statement for the last 6 months of their Savings Bank account by sending an SMS. The statement will be sent on the registered email ID with a password encrypted PDF file. Send an SMS 'ESTMT to 09223588888.27-Jul-2022

How can I register my mobile number in SBI by SMS?

Send 'MBSREG' as an SMS to 9223440000 or 567676. The SMS must be sent from the mobile number you wish to activate the services for. You will receive the User ID and Mobile PIN (MPIN).

How can I get bank statement by SMS?

You just have to send an SMS “MSTMT” to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number. After a few minutes, you will receive the Mini Statement SBI on your mobile phone consisting of the last five transactions done in your SBI savings account.

Is SBI balance Enquiry free?

The State Bank of India customers can use the SBI toll-free number to check their account balance. They can use this service to obtain their mini statement and other information.SBI Balance Enquiry Numbers.

How to check bank balance?

6 Easy Steps to Check Your Bank Balance

  • Log In Online. You can check your account balance online anytime—and much more.
  • Mobile Apps and Text Messages. Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices make it easy to check on accounts from just about anywhere.
  • Use an ATM.
  • Call the Bank.
  • Set Up Alerts.
  • Talk to a Teller.

How can I generate my bank statement?

How to Access Your Bank Statements Online

  • Log in to your account through the bank's website or app.
  • Find where your bank houses their electronic statements.
  • Select the statement period you want to view.
  • Review the statement on your computer, tablet, or phone — or download your statement as a PDF.

Can I check SBI balance through WhatsApp?

State Bank of India launched WhatsApp Banking Service. The banking service allows bankers to check bank balance and mini statements through the instant messaging app, WhatsApp. Bankers have to register for the WhatsApp banking service through their registered mobile number.06-Sept-2022

How do I download my mini statement?

Download and install the YONO app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Open the app to login with the registered mobile number or username and password. Go to the 'Accounts' section. Here you will find an option for mini statement.05-Jan-2022

How can I check my SBI mini statement on mobile?