How can I recharge my HDFC FASTag automatically?

How can I recharge my HDFC FASTag automatically?

Step 1: Log in to your HDFC Bank NetBanking Account. Under “BillPay & Recharge” select the Continue tab. Step 2: Under “Pay” select the FASTag icon. Step 3: Select the HDFC Bank FASTag option.

How can I access my HDFC FASTag account?

If you have registered as an individual, you can access your account using the Retail Login. Instead, if you have signed up as a corporate user, you can log in from the Corporate Login on the home page of the FASTag portal. 4. Enter your password and then click login to access your FASTag portal.

Can FASTag be recharged online?

You can recharge your FASTag anytime and anywhere through Paytm. FASTag, that works on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and with the help of it, the toll tax is deducted from your FASTag account when you pass through a FASTag toll lane.

How can I recharge FASTag online by car number?

How to recharge your FASTag using your vehicle number?

How do I refill my FASTag balance?

You can recharge your FASTag account by making online payment using your Credit or Debit Card. You can also renew your FASTag balance through cheque, NEFT or RTGS. The minimum recharge amount is Rs100, and you can top up your FASTag balance up to Rs1 lakh.

How can I recharge my HDFC FASTag using GPAY?

Top-up your FASTag account with Google Pay

What is customer ID in FASTag HDFC?

What is FASTag customer ID? You get a customer ID with your FASTag sticker. It is sent along with the FASTag welcome email, containing 13 digits starting from 17 (such as 17xxxxxxxxxxx). A customer ID, also known as user ID, allows you to log in to your FASTag account.06-Jun-2022

Which app is used for HDFC FASTag?

MyFASTag is a mobile application which can be downloaded from the Google Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS). It is basically a consumer app which will allow them to purchase FASTags while also letting them recharge their FASTag accounts. Transactions on FASTag can also be tracked by the MyFASTag app.

How can I register my mobile number in HDFC FASTag?

HDFC Bank sends you the welcome kit at your registered mailing address. You can use any of these four, RFID number, Wallet ID, Vehicle ID (vehicle number) or phone number to get started. After that, you will have to enter your mobile phone number and click on `Generate OTP'.

How can I recharge FASTag through mobile banking?

Log into your internet banking account or mobile banking app. Add your vehicle as a beneficiary by putting in the FASTag wallet id number or vehicle number. Key in your bank's IFSC code (For Axis Bank it is UTIB0000ETC). Once the beneficiary is added, you can make repeated recharges as per your convenience.25-Nov-2019

Can I recharge my FASTag from any bank?

Any FASTag issued by a bank can be recharged by visiting the respective bank website. On submitting user credentials, a wallet associated with FASTag can be recharged via net banking, UPI and debit or credit card. You may also call the customer care centre of the respective bank for further assistance.28-Nov-2019

Where do I find my customer ID for FASTag?

You can check it with the FAStag issuer bank, or you can simply check it from the my FASTag app by inserting your vehicle registration or chassis number, whichever has been filled at the time of registration along with your registered mobile number.

What is wallet ID in FASTag?

A wallet ID for FASTag is a unique identification number you get from your FASTag service provider. It is like a customer ID you receive for your bank account or digital payment service account. A wallet ID contains a unique set of 14 digits, creating its identification different from others.05-Jun-2022

How can I check balance in FASTag?

The toll-free number +91-8884333331 can be used to check your Fastag balance. You only need to make a missed call to this number using your registered mobile number, which is available around the clock. A notification with the current Fastag balance will be sent to you shortly after the missed call.

Can we recharge FASTag from other mobile?

FASTag can now be recharged using PhonePe, Google Pay and BHIM.21-Jan-2020

How can I check my HDFC FASTag balance?

Check FASTag Balance using Customer Care Helpline: To enquire about your FASTag balance: - You can call HDFC customer care number 1800-120-1243 - Or, give a missed call to 720-805-3999 with your registered mobile number.

Does FASTag balance expire?

What is the validity of FASTag? The tag has a validity of 5 years and after purchasing, you only need to recharge/ top up the tag as per your usage.

Can I recharge HDFC FASTag through Paytm?

Yes, you can recharge your HDFC Bank FASTag on Paytm by following a few simple steps. All you need to do is visit the 'FASTag Recharge' section on the Paytm mobile application, select HDFC Bank as your FASTag issuer, enter the recharge amount and proceed by making the payment.17-Aug-2022

Can I recharge FASTag by UPI?

Recharge Online: Customer can recharge NETC FASTag account online through issuing member banks portal using UPI / Credit Card/ Debit Card / Wallets/ NEFT/ RTGS /Net Banking etc.

How do I load FASTag with UPI?

Follow the steps mentioned below to recharge the FASTag through BHIM UPI: Step 1: Login on the BHIM UPI application. Step 2: Click on 'Send' to initiate the transaction. Step 3: Feed "netc.vehiclenumber@bankupihandle" in send to tab.

How do I find my 24 digit FASTag ID?

Select 'Activate NHAI FASTag' displayed on the homepage of the app. Select the e-commerce site from where you purchased the FASTag. Here, you can either scan the QR code on the FASTag or manually enter the 24-digit FASTag ID displayed at the bottom of the tag, and your FASTag gets activated instantly.30-Sept-2021

How can I recharge my HDFC FASTag automatically?