How do I access my parcel locker?

How do I access my parcel locker?

A key will be left in the mailbox to be used as a parcel locker key. This key has a tag that indicates the parcel locker that contains the item. Insert the key into the correct parcel locker, and the mail piece can be retrieved. The key will remain in the locker once it is inserted.

How do I reset a Parcel Pending locker?

Please contact us at (855) 316-4756 or email us at [email protected] We can reset your access code so you can retrieve your package from the locker.

How long will parcel locker hold my package?

Typically, parcel lockers can hold packages up to one week or 10 days.05-Jun-2022

How do I use a parcel locker to post?

How do I access the lockers? When your item is delivered to an An Post Parcel Locker you will be sent an access PIN by SMS text message. You can open the locker containing your item by entering the number on the screen at the locker bank.

How do I pickup my package from a parcel locker?

All you have to do is select the parcel pickup option on the Parcel Locker screen and then bring the QR code to the scanner. You can also collect the parcel by entering your phone number and the pickup code (6 digits) from the message / notification on the Parcel Locker screen.

Why won't my parcel locker open?

The door of a Parcel Locker will not open if: You are not standing in front of the correct locker. Always check the address and number of the Parcel Locker in the e-mail you have received from us. Your parcel has been returned to the sender.

Is Parcel Pending free?

While some properties offer Parcel Pending as a free service, others charge a small monthly fee.

How big are Parcel Pending lockers?

The standard Parcel Pending indoor locker is 79 inches tall, 39.5 inches wide, and 24 inches deep.

How much is the Parcel Pending fee?

After August 15th residents will be charged a one-time $20 set-up fee. Packages need to be retrieved promptly to ensure lockers will be available for all residents' deliveries. A storage fee of $3 per day will be charged for packages left in the lockers beyond 3 days.15-Aug-2016

Can packages be stolen from a parcel locker?

If the item has been delivered and stolen from the parcel locker, you will need to contact USPS. The seller would not be responsible if the item shows as being delivered. You probably should file a police report with your local police as well if the item was stolen.

What can't be delivered to parcel lockers?

Some of the items that can't be delivered to parcel lockers are those prohibited by the courier (explosive and other dangerous materials, illegal products, etc.) and those that, because of their measurements, don't fit in the parcel locker.24-Mar-2022

Why did my package get delivered to a parcel locker?

You're tracking a mailpiece and the status shows “Delivered/Parcel Locker.” What does that mean? This could mean that your recipient is using a cluster box unit (CBU) or an outdoor parcel locker (OPL).23-Feb-2017

Can I collect my parcel from An Post?

Click & Collect for customer convenience Our Click & Collect parcel delivery service gives your customers the option of having their shopping delivered to a convenient collection point where they can then pick it up at a time of their choosing.

What happens if I miss an An Post delivery?

You have a number of options available if you miss a delivery: Collect your item by bringing your 'sorry we missed you notice' (also called a Docket In Box or DIB notice) and personal identification, such as a driver's licence, to your local Delivery Service Unit. Nominate an agent to collect the item on your behalf.

Can you pick something up from the post office before it is delivered?

Yes, you can pick up a package from the USPS before it's delivered. The USPS understands that not everyone wants to wait for a package. That's why they have implemented two services to help their customers pick up packages before they're delivered.20-May-2022

What parcel locker means?

Parcel locker is an automated postal box that allows users for a self-service collection of parcels and oversize letters as well as the dispatch of parcels.

How do package lockers work?

How do I get my InPost locker code?

Choose InPost at checkout

How do you pick a lock for a parcel locker?

How do I find out which mailbox is mine?

How Do I Determine Which Mailbox is Mine? All individual mailboxes should have an adhesive placard or engraved number or figure as identification.24-Jun-2020

How do you remove a parcel locker key?

The only party who can remove the key from the parcel locker's captive lock is the USPS mail carrier. The next time the mail carrier services that mailbox he will disengage the key so that the parcel locker may be used the next time a tenant has a package.

How do I access my parcel locker?