How do I reset my DOP password?

How do I reset my DOP password?

Visit the official website page. On the homepage, click on the tab, “forgot password.” Next, enter the agent login email id and confirm. The system will send a reset link to the email Id, follow the link to reset the password.

How do I change my password on my post office account?

How do I change my password? Log in to your Account on IndiaPost Site, Select the 'Change Password' link at the top of your page. Enter your new password and submit the details.

How do I change my post office agent?

Rulings for change of Agent of the Depositor in Post Office || Get Approval from Regional Director, NSO. In the case of death of the agent through whom the account was opened. In case of termination of the agency/non-extension of the agency of the agent through whom the account was opened.21-Oct-2021

How do I unlock my post office account?

The account ID is the savings account number. One needs to enter the password carefully as after 5 wrong attempts, the user id will be disabled. To get the login rights enabled again, one has to send a mail to from the registered e-mail ID mentioning the details along with CIF/User ID.23-Nov-2020

How do I login to my post office agent?

For log-in to the portal, follow the steps given below: Click the check in link on the homepage of IndiaPost Site. Provide valid User ID and password on the Login Screen. Click check in to log-in to your account.

What is the commission of post office agent?

Post Office Agent Commission

What is username in DOP mobile banking?

After registering for DoP Mobile Banking, download the India Post mobile banking app from Google play store and use the option Activate mobile banking and follow the pre-defined steps after 24 hours of registration. The CIF ID is printed on the first page of your passbook the default username.18-Apr-2022

What is the DOP customer ID?

Customer ID is the CIF ID and Account ID is the SB account number printed on the first page of the Passbook. Please refer FAQ on the Internet Banking home page for further clarification.16-Dec-2018

Is customer ID and CIF number same in post office?

Is the Customer ID the same as the CIF number? In most cases, yes, the customer ID is the same as the CIF number. What is the IFSC number and how is it different from the Customer Information File number? IFSC means Indian Financial System Code whereas CIF is for Customer Information File.19-Oct-2021

How do I become a small savings agent?

1 Minimum qualification is 12th Pass under 10+2 scheme or Higher Secondary or its equivalent. 2 Retired person(s) from Govt., Semi Govt. Undertaking, Public Sector are also eligible for the SAS /PPF/MPKBY agency. 3 SAS/PPF/MPKBY agency may be given to the person(s) who hold the agency of L.I.C/ G.I.C.24-May-2016

How can I know my CIF number in post office?

How to know CIF ID in post office using Bank Passbook? When you open your passbook, you will find account information like account number, account holder name, and the Customer ID / CIF ID.22-Jun-2021

How can I activate mobile banking?

At the Branch: Your account will be activated for Mobile Banking Service immediately. At the ATM: After swiping the Debit Card, please choose the option 'Mobile Registration' and then select „Mobile Banking'. Under Mobile Banking, choose the option 'Registration', enter your mobile number and choose „Yes‟.

Can I open post office account online?

Open the IPPB Mobile Banking app and select the 'Open Account' option. Enter your PAN and Aadhaar, now you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Once all the details have been filled out and submitted, the account will be opened successfully and accessible via the app.11-Mar-2021

How do I check my post office balance?

To know your post office savings account balance, type 'REGISTER' and send it to 7738062873 from your mobile number registered with your savings/current account. Once your mobile number is registered for SMS facility, you can check your post office savings account balance by typing 'BAL' and sending it to 7738062873.22-Mar-2021

How does a post office agent make money?

In the case with PPFA, which covers the Public Provident Fund (PPF) the commission is also one per cent. It is the highest for agents of the MPKBY who operate the Post Office Recurring Deposits Scheme. Such agents earn 4% commission.09-Jun-2011

Which scheme is best in post office?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) PPF is a long-term investment for a period of 15 years currently offered at an interest rate of 7.1% per annum (compounded yearly). The maximum amount under this scheme is Rs. 1,50,000 in a financial year.30-Sept-2022

Is FD in post office safe?

Guaranteed Returns: As a government backed savings scheme, the post office fixed deposit is one of the safest option of investment and offers guaranteed return.

What is user name in post office?

Your CIF ID will be your user ID or Login ID, and your transaction password will be the password you configured in your internet banking account.19-Mar-2021

How can I get MPIN for post office mobile banking?

Process to register for IPPB's mobile banking (existing customers)

How do I activate my POSB internet banking?

How do I register for the iBanking access?

How can I get 10 digit CIF number?

Central Bank of India CIF Number consists of 10 digits. And it can easily be found in your Passbook, Cheque book, e-statement.27-Aug-2021

How do I reset my DOP password?