How do I withdraw money from Womata?

How do I withdraw money from Womata?

What is Womata app?

Description. This is an APP for Nigerian people to purchase goods from China 1688 Mall and provide transshipment services.

How do I add a shipping address in 1688?

How are Chinese suppliers paid from Nigeria?

Using Alipay/WeChat However, the biggest problem you would encounter is how to buy yuan/RMB in Nigeria and receive it in your Alipay in other to pay the Chinese supplier. Once you have yuan in your Alipay account, simply ask the Chinese supplier for their Alipay pay code and forward the money. Yes! it's that simple.27-Sept-2021

How can I import goods from China to Nigeria?

There are two ways to import Nigeria from China. They are Sea Freight and Air Freight. You can ship your goods from China to Nigeria by air freight. Nigeria has eight main seaports with very advanced equipment, so sea freight is one of the most advanced options from China to Nigeria.

How can I buy 1688 in Nigeria?

There are two options to place an order on It is either to place the order directly on 1688 website or use an agent. If you successfully register on 1688, then you need to have a good understanding of Chinese characters and a verified Alipay account.04-Nov-2020

How do I get an agent in 1688?

Next are the 4 steps to buy from from Nigeria.

Is Taobao cheaper than 1688?

1688 has a lower price for goods than Taobao. This is because many sellers on Taobao buy goods from 1688 and then sell them to customers.29-Sept-2022

How do you pay goods on 1688?

You need to have an agent to help you with the payment if you want to pay the dollars. We can accept US dollars and then pay in renminbi (RMB) currency to your suppliers directly. We also accept bank transfer (T/T), Western Union or PayPal.

Does 1688 COM ship internationally?

Most 1688 suppliers can only ship goods in China and it is difficult for them to provide express air freight services and invoices, packing lists and customs documents to ship goods abroad. If you do not have friends in China to help you to receive the package locally. You must use a freight forwarder in China.

What is the best way to pay a Chinese supplier?

What is the best way to pay my Chinese supplier?

What is the safest way to pay for goods from China?

Bank-to-bank transfer: This is a widely accepted form of payment among suppliers in China and usually takes a few days. It is generally considered safe, though there are some risks for both the importer and supplier. To lower the element of risk, importers can opt to pay in batches.01-Oct-2021

Can I use PayPal to pay in China?

Is Paypal Available in China? Yes, in Jan 2021, PayPal finished its acquisition of a Chinese licensed payment company called GoPay. PayPal is the first foreign payment company with a domestic payment license and 100% ownership of China's payment platform.

How much is 1kg of goods from China to Nigeria?

Cost of Shipping from China to Nigeria Clearing cost is ₦500 per kg for air goods and ₦100,000 per CBM for sea goods.01-May-2022

How much is delivery from China to Nigeria?

Container shipping rates from China to Nigeria

What is the cheapest way to ship from China?

Using an international courier, also known as express freight is generally more reliable and quicker than by mail, whether it's DHL, UPS or TNT. As a rule of thumb, at about $5 per kilo, express freight is the cheapest shipping mode for packages or small shipments up to about 150 kg.

Is Alibaba better than 1688?

Alibaba usually has higher product pricing as it caters to the foreign market. 1688 has cheaper products because it targets the local Chinese market. Suppliers on Alibaba sell higher quality products to meet the international export standards. The product quality on 1688 is a hit or miss.02-Mar-2022

How do I register my phone with 1688?

How do I get 1688 in English?

Navigate to and a message should automatically pop-up prompting you to translate the site into English. If it does not, click the Google Translate Chrome extension icon in your browser window. Make sure English is selected.17-Mar-2021

Is Alibaba and 1688 the same? is also a subsidiary of Alibaba Group of Company in China and was established in 2010. Before, it only served as a platform for sellers in sourcing their items for e-commerce in China. Then later, it becomes the source of products for eBay and Amazon sellers.08-Mar-2021

How do I dropship from 1688?

How Do I Dropship with 1688?

How do I withdraw money from Womata?