How do you book a railway wagon?

How do you book a railway wagon?

What is wagon registration fee?

Wagon Registration Fee (WRF) is a booking amount collected at the time of placing indent. At present, the WRF is Rs. 50000/- per rake (full train). This amount may be adjusted in Freight.26-Jan-2021

How many wagons are in a rake?

Generally, the wagons in one rake can be from 40 to 58 maximum based on the length of the boxes. Hence, a goods train can have 58 wagons and passenger train can have only 24 coaches.29-Apr-2022

What is the rate of demurrage charge per wagon?

Rates of demurrage Charge: Demurrage charge shall be levied @Rs. 150/- per 8-wheeled wagon per hour, or part of an hour, for detention of wagon in excess of the permissible free time for loading or unloading.

What is difference between train load and wagon load?

When full rake is loaded, Train-load rates are charged whereas if number of wagons loaded is less than standard size of rake, Wagon-load rates are charged which are slightly higher than Train-load rates.

What is wagon type in railway?

O : Open wagon (gondola) C : Covered wagon (boxcar) F : Flat car. FK : Flat car for container transport. FU : Well wagon.

How can I transport my goods through train?

Goods transportation as a parcel by train – it is the most popular method to send goods from one city to another.Railway Receipt:

What is the minimum distance for charging goods freight?

Note. —Minimum distance for charge is 100 Kilometres. (21 For traffic in wagon loads Per 4-wheeled wagon per (i.e., in minimum loads of kilometre for al 1 gauges 90 quintals per consignment. (i) The basis of charge will be the number of wagons used at the starting station.

What is permissible carrying capacity of railway wagons?


What is rake size?

Standard rake sizes range from 22 inches to 30 inches, which describes the width of the rake head at the widest point. If you have a specialized application such as raking leaves from between bushes or clearing long-neglected areas, select a product fit for that job.15-Oct-2018

What is rake length?

Most long-handled rakes are between 22 and 30 inches in length. To choose the right one for you, place the rake flat against the floor and see where the handle measures. If it is right about at the bridge of your nose, it's a proper length and should feel balanced while you're working in the yard.09-May-2022

How much does a train wagon cost?

Today, the typical freight railcar is in the $100,000 to $150,000 range. Overall, there are six basic freight railcar types. But within each railcar type, there are multiple specific design factors. The design options impact each railcar's capital cost.22-May-2019

What is demurrage on railway wagons?

"Demurrage" means the charge levied for the detention of any rolling stock after the expiry of free time, if any, allowed for such detention. "Wharfage" means the charge levied on goods for not removing them from the railway after the expiry of the free time for such removal.

What is the free time for unloading of white oil tank wagon by railway?

N.A. stands for 'not applicable'. # Permissible free time in case of double operation of container traffic i.e. unloading followed by loading in the same wagons, shall be 5 hours.

What is wagon turn around?

—The interval between two successive loadings, calculated from the time a wagon is placed for loading till the time it again becomes available for reloading, is the actual turn-round.

How many wagons are there in Indian Railways?

217 Unique Wagon Types to serve your Freight Transportation needs with Indian Railways.08-Jan-2021

What is a wagon load?

Definition of wagonload 1 : a load that fills or could fill a wagon a wagonload of apples. 2 : an indefinitely large quantity a wagonload of options.

Why are railway wagons not loaded beyond a certain limit?

6) Why are railway wagons not loaded beyond a certain limit? turns, the line joining the centre of gravity and centre of the earth may fall outside the base of the wagon which can result in derailment.

What is the size of train wagon?

S wagons for combined transport

What is the difference between wagon and bogie?

A bogie in the UK, or a railroad truck, wheel truck, or simply truck in North America, is a structure underneath a railway vehicle (wagon, coach or locomotive) to which axles (and, hence, wheels) are attached through bearings.

How many types of wagon are there in railway?

There are basically four types of goods wagon available in India. Like Wagons are normally classified in four categories: Open Wagons: BOX, High-sided Bogie Open wagons with side discharge arrangement for loading of Coal and other bulk traffic. A suffix N after BOX specifies air brakes.

How do you book a railway wagon?