How do you recharge FASTag in Equitas?

How do you recharge FASTag in Equitas?

For recharge through Net Banking, please follow these steps:

How do I log into Equitas FASTag?

How to Login to your Equitas Bank FASTag account?

What is UPI ID in Equitas FASTag?

UPI ID of FASTag is NETC.VehicleRegistrationNumber@Customer bank. For e.g. Vehicle Registration number is MH04BB1234 and issuer bank is ICICI Bank then UPI ID will be netc. MH04BB1234@ICICIbank. Customer should get the UPI ID validated with his bank before recharging FASTag through UPI.

How do I activate FASTag?

4 easy steps to activate their NETC FASTag

How much can I recharge my FASTag?

If you have completed your KYC check, you can recharge your FASTag wallet for a maximum amount of Rs. 1 lakh.

What is tag balance in FASTag?

You can either check your recent SMS for your FASTag transaction, which will show you your current FASTag balance. Alternatively, if you have the NHAI FASTag, then you can also give a missed call at the toll-free number- +91-8884333331, which is available 24*7.

What is user ID and password for FASTag?

Your FASTag wallet login user id is your Registered Mobile number and a Password which would be sent to you on your registered email id. Create New password minimum of 8 characters in combination of alphabet, numeric & special character.

How do I find my FASTag user ID?

Where can I find the customer ID for my FASTag? You get a customer ID along with your FASTag sticker. You should check the welcome email sent to the registered email address at the time of purchasing the FASTag. This email should contain a 13-digit customer ID starting with the number 17.06-Jun-2022

How do I check my FASTag account?

Just check the mails to check FASTag balance. Call customer care: You can also call HDFC Bank customer care number 1800-120-1243 to enquire about your FASTag balance. For a quick FASTag balance check, give a missed call to 720-805-3999 with your registered mobile number.

Is FASTag ID and wallet ID same?

A wallet ID for FASTag is a unique identification number you get from your FASTag service provider. It is like a customer ID you receive for your bank account or digital payment service account. A wallet ID contains a unique set of 14 digits, creating its identification different from others.05-Jun-2022

Which bank UPI ID is best?

By Sneha Kulkarni

Where can I find my 6 digit UPI ID?

How to Find UPI ID

Is FASTag activated immediately?

If you have a Paytm FASTag, it automatically gets linked to your Paytm Wallet. Hence, you don't need to activate your FASTag separately. All you need is to be KYC verified and your FASTag will automatically be activated. Just affix it to the windshield of your vehicle & you will be good to go!17-Aug-2022

Is FASTag registration free?

For vehicles like cars and jeeps, there is no fee to be paid. However, the users must maintain a FASTag wallet balance of Rs. 250 at all times.17-Aug-2022

Where is 24 digit ID in FASTag?

Here, you can either scan the QR code on the FASTag or manually enter the 24-digit FASTag ID displayed at the bottom of the tag, and your FASTag gets activated instantly.30-Sept-2021

How long is FASTag balance valid?

In case you have sold or transferred your vehicle, we would request you to inform your issuing bank about the same and close the account. What is the validity of FASTag? The tag has a validity of 5 years and after purchasing, you only need to recharge/ top up the tag as per your usage.

What is the minimum limit FASTag?

The minimum recharge amount for FASTag is Rs. 200. FASTag account can be recharged upto Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rupees One Lakh only).

How long does FASTag balance last?

How much is the FASTag validity? A FASTag is valid for a time period of 5 years.17-Aug-2022

What if there is no money in FASTag?

FASTag Has A Validity Of Five Years India's National Highways Authority has withdrawn the need to maintain a minimum amount in the FASTag wallet to avoid delays at toll plazas. You will now be allowed to pass through the toll plaza, if the FASTag account balance is non-negative.15-Feb-2022

What if FASTag balance is zero?

If your FASTag Reserved Balance is low or zero, your tag will be blocked till you top-up your Paytm Wallet. Once you top it up, your FASTag Reserved balance will be replenished and your tag will get reactivated in 10 minutes.17-Aug-2022

Is FASTag balance refundable?

FASTag management system auto-detect the incorrect FASTag transaction and generate refunds within 3-7 days. In case, you haven't received the refund yet, contact the customer care number of the authority that has issued you the FASTag.28-Oct-2021

How do you recharge FASTag in Equitas?