How does Blue Dart calculate volumetric weight?

How does Blue Dart calculate volumetric weight?

Volume weight of the shipment in kg. is its gross cubic cms i.e. Length x Width x Height divided by 5000.

Is Dtdc better or Blue Dart?

Bluedart Express Ltd is most highly rated for Job security and advancement and DTDC Express is most highly rated for Culture.Overall Rating.

Does Blue Dart provide packaging for documents?

Do you have convenient packaging with a built-in price for shipping that I can use? We provide the Blue Dart Smart Box, DHL Express Documents (DOX), DHL Worldwide Package Express (WPX), DHL Jumbo Box and Jumbo Junior Box, and a wide range of unique Packaging options for convenient, secure and cost effective shipping.

What is ground package and air package in Blue Dart?

Carriage of the Smart Box is supported by an integrated air and surface network to provide the fastest, most reliable delivery service for packages. Click on Transit Time Finder or Contact Blue Dart for information on delivery time. From your location.Smart Box Dimensions.

What is the cost of 1 kg to parcel in India?

It will charge ₹ 8 to ₹ 20 for additional 500 gram up to 5 kg and ₹ 10 to ₹ 22 for every additional 500 gm thereafter. For business parcels, customers will have to pay in the range of ₹ 45 to ₹ 115 for items weighing up to 2 kg, ₹ 12 to ₹ 30 for additional 1 kg up to 5 kg and ₹ 14 to ₹ 32 thereafter for every 1 kg.02-Dec-2013

How is courier weight calculated?

The most common means to calculate volumetric weight is by multiplying the length, width, and height of a parcel (in cm) and dividing that figure by 5000 (some carriers use a divisor of 4000). Often the price of your shipment is dictated by the volumetric weight of your parcel(s) rather than the actual weight.16-Feb-2022

Is Blue Dart faster than DTDC?

Though the services offered by both these courier companies are same, the blue dart is superior in many aspects. Bluedart is a premium courier service which guarantees reliable, safe and secure way of delivering your goods.25-Jun-2017

Which is fastest courier service in India?

10 Fastest Courier Services in India That Save You Time and Money

Is Blue Dart safe?

Blue Dart Express Ltd., South Asia's premier express air and integrated transportation & distribution company, offers secure and reliable delivery of consignments to over 34,720 locations in India.

Can I courier a laptop?

Computer/Laptop/Electronic/Photographic Equipment Should be packaged in their original packaging and box if possible. Otherwise they must be wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and foam/padding inside a strong sturdy box.

How can I courier my laptop through Blue Dart?

Domestic Priority

Which courier service is best in India?

Top 10 Leading Courier Companies In India

What items Cannot be couriered?

Banned Commodities - All Services

How much weight we can courier?

Packages upto 70 Kgs. of weight can be imported to India through courier mode. However, there is no such weight limit for export of goods through courier from India.

How do I send a 50 kg parcel?

The Blue Dart Express Pallet is a convenient, flexible yet economical way to send goods within India. It's a special wood-free palletized packaging, which can be 'built' to accommodate shipment as small as 50kg or as large as 100kg plus.

Do couriers charge by weight or size?

Most of these courier services offer logistics convenience to over 45000 pins in the country and charge anywhere between INR 30-90 per 500 gm. for a parcel, depending upon the receiver's address and the weight of the package.13-Jul-2017

Can courier charges be paid by receiver?

Can courier charges be paid by receiver? You can choose to bill the receiver's UPS account when processing a shipment, but please know the receiver can refuse the charges. If that happens, you're responsible for paying the shipment charges as well as an additional “charge-back” fee.

What is the charge of speed post per kg?

​ D​o​mestic​​​​​​

How do I calculate parcel volume?

Length x Width x Height If your box is 12cm x 10cm x 10cm, your volume calculation would be 12 x 10 x 10, giving you a volume of 1,200cm³.

How do you calculate weight by size?

Dimensional weight is computed by multiplying length times width times height.26-Dec-2018

How do you calculate package volume?

Subtract the volume of the object from the volume of the container to find the packaging volume. For example, if the box is 7,680 cubic inches and the object is 1,200 cubic inches, then the packaging volume is 7,680 – 1,200 = 6,480 cubic inches.26-Sept-2017

How does Blue Dart calculate volumetric weight?