How long does CITY-LINK take to deliver?

How long does CITY-LINK take to deliver?

1-3 working days

How can I track my tracking ID?

Can I pick up my parcel from Citylink?

Once your shipment is ready for pick-up, kindly call the telephone numbers below. For Klang Valley customers, please call 1300-88-2489 or +603 – 5569 2199 to arrange for pick-up.

Does Citylink Malaysia deliver on Sunday?

This is to ensure that the correct person receives the right shipment and in good condition. We begin our collections during normal working hours (Weekdays), 8.30am – 12.30pm (Saturday). No collection or deliveries on Sunday, public holidays and respective state holidays.

Does CityLink deliver on Saturday Malaysia?

Does CityLink deliver Saturday? The company only processes deliveries Monday through Friday during business hours. It does not currently have the infrastructure to operate on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays. However, the tracking City Link Express Malaysia system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I report CityLink?

City-link Express HQ (Glenmarie)

What is consignment number in Post tracking?

The consignment number is unique and allotted to every parcel. You can track the status or location of the consignment online via the consignment number. It is easy to track the status of the parcel within a few seconds. You need to follow a step-by-step procedure to track the location.

How do I track my courier delivery?

You can track Delhivery courier status online using TrackMyCouriers tracking tool. Enter your Delhivery tracking AWB number above to track the delivery status of your package.

What a tracking number looks like?

Tracking numbers consist of letters and numbers typically between 8 and 40 characters long sometimes with spaces or hyphens between groupings of characters. When shown on a receipt after shipping a package the tracking number is usually close to the barcode.

Which delivery service is fastest in Malaysia?

Top 10 Fastest Courier Services in Malaysia

What is parcel guard Citylink?

ParcelGuard. For added protection for your shipments, City-Link Express offers the ParcelGuard service where we provide coverage to your valued shipments from collection to delivery. Enquire about our ParcelGuard service for that added peace of mind.

What is parcel guard?

Parcel Guard acts as a hub for all your online deliveries. Take porch and package security to the next level with this multi-functional unit, loaded with modern features, like tamper alarm and door ajar system reminder. Take front porch security to the next level with the motion sensor security camera.

What does it mean when your package is en route?

En route - when you choose the “En route” option, you will share your location with the customer only when you are getting close to the destination (100 km, 50 km or 25 km from the destination). Note: The “En route” status must be changed no sooner than when you pick up the delivery and begin the route.

WHAT IS Others West Malaysia?

Others West Malaysia Tracking made simple. A quick & easy way to check the movement of your Package, Freight, Shopee Order, Shipment online as it travels to its final destination.

How many digits is a consignment number?

Thirteen digits

How much time Speed post takes?

​ D​o​mestic​​​​​​

Where is Speed Post tracking number?

Where to find tracking numbers? Tracking numbers can be found at receipt given to you at the Post office during the time of booking.

Who uses a 12 digit tracking number?


Who uses 13 digit tracking number?

USPS Express Mail

What is consignment no?

The consignment number is your permanent reference number for your shipment. It can be used to track your shipment at any time. Every shipment needs a consignment note with a unique TNT consignment number. It contains all the necessary details and accompanies your package through its journey.

Who has a 20 digit tracking number?

USPS. The most common USPS Tracking Number Format is 20 digits (Like 9999 9999 9999 9999 9999), or a combination of 13 thirteen alphabetic and numeric characters, typically starting with 2 Two alphabets, following by 9 Nine digits, and ending by “US” United States (e.g., EA 999 999 999 US).

How long does CITY-LINK take to deliver?