How long does it take to Post from Hong Kong to Australia?

How long does it take to Post from Hong Kong to Australia?

Shipping express can take as few as 1-4 days – but express is the most expensive mode, and is not suitable for large shipments. Air freight shipping will take about 8-13 days. Sea freight shipping takes 22-26 days, but is the most affordable if you can wait.

How long does Hongkong Post take to deliver?

Delivery Standard Local parcels are delivered within 2 working days after day of posting to Hong Kong, Kowloon and the major commercial and industrial areas of the New Territories; and within 3 working days to other areas.

How long does it take to receive a letter from Hong Kong?

Ordinary small letters will be delivered within the next working day after the date of posting, ordinary large letters and packets will be delivered within 2 working days thereafter, and bulk economy mail will be delivered within 3 working days thereafter.

How fast is Hong Kong Speed Post?

From posting to delivery, Speedpost may take around 2 to 3 weeks, 4 weeks for other airmail, 50 to 55 working days for surface mail (around 15 working days for Shenzhen), while certain provinces and cities may require longer periods. Compensation for delivery delays of Speedpost will not be applicable.

How long does a package from Hong Kong take?

How long does it take to ship from Hong Kong to the US? Rules of thumbs for lead times (in regular conditions) are 1-2 weeks for regular post, 3 days for air express freight, 8-10 days for air freight, and 30-40 days for ocean freight.

How long does surface mail take from Hong Kong to Australia?

It will take 3 to 120 working days for surface mail items to reach recipients, subject to sailing availability, progress of customs clearance and security check, etc.

How reliable is Hong Kong Post?

Hongkong Post remains a familiar, reliable and affordable postal services provider after all the latest applications of technology. The city's flag-bearing postal service administrator, Hongkong Post has found itself in the fastest changing environment in its 180-year history.23-Dec-2021

Does HK Post deliver on weekends?

Mail delivery service is performed from Monday to Friday, only express delivery, viz. Speedpost and Local CourierPost services, will be available on Saturday. No mail delivery services will be provided on Sunday and public holidays unless it is so announced.

Where is Hong Kong Post?

Hongkong Post

How do I track mail from Hong Kong?

HongKong Post Air Mail Tracking You can get online tracking information on the delivery status of registered mail/parcels sent to selected destinations. Enter The Tracking Number, both letters and numbers, maximum 13 alpha-numeric characters and click Track Package.

How do I track a package from Hong Kong USPS?

Track With Item Number

How long does it take for DHL to deliver from Hong Kong?

Please keep in mind that delivery times can vary depending on the product/service and origin/destination relation, from 2-3 days for neighboring countries and up to 20 days for countries with long distances.18-May-2022

How much time international speed post takes?

International Delivery Services

How much time Speed post takes?

​ D​o​mestic​​​​​​

How long does international mail take to be delivered?

Typically, Priority Mail International shipments take 6-10 business days for delivery, while First Class International shipments take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. This is, of course, in addition to any extra customs processing times in the country of origin and destination.20-Jun-2020

How long does it take to get a package from China to Australia?

Standard air freight between China and Australia generally takes around 8-10 days.

Why are packages from China taking so long?

For shippers from China to the US, the coronavirus has been profoundly disruptive, causing major delays to both manufacturing and shipping. Production in China is back to normal, but COVID-19's impact is creating a variety of other challenges including high demand and delays at US ports and warehouses.

How long does it take to receive a package from China Post?

As China Post and USPS have an agreement, it usually takes between nine and 12 days to receive a package from China. The seller needs to choose the ePacket shipping option for this speedy service. Otherwise, it could take up to 90 days for you to get your order via regular China Post.

Is shipping to Australia still suspended?

The U.S. Postal Service has TEMPORARILY suspended First Class Package International Service (as of September 3, 2021) and Priority Mail International (as of September 17, 2021) delivery to Australia due to carrier issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.02-Sept-2021

Is Post to Australia suspended?

The United States Postal Service has suspended most of its deliveries to Australia, infuriating consumers waiting for mail and businesses relying on overseas sales.01-Oct-2021

How long do parcels take to clear customs in Australia?

Please allow up to 48 hrs While we aim to clear all parcels within 24 hrs unexpected delays can occur.

How long does it take to Post from Hong Kong to Australia?