How many post office there are in India?

How many post office there are in India?

The country has been divided into 23 postal circles, each circle headed by a Chief Postmaster General.India Post.

How many post offices are there in India 2022?

Highlights. All 1.5 lakh post offices in India will be connected to the core banking system that will enable people to access their accounts online and also transfer money within post office accounts and to other banks, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced on Tuesday.01-Feb-2022

Which is the largest post office in India?

the Mumbai GPO

Which is the first post office in India?

The East India company opened its first post office in 1727. In 1774 Calcutta GPO was established. The site where the GPO is now located was actually the site of the first Fort William. An alley beside the post office was the site of the guardhouse that housed the infamous 1756 Black Hole of Calcutta (1756).

Who is head of post office?

Postal Services Board, Dak Bhawan,New Delhi-110001.

What are 23 postal circles in India?

List of Postal Circles and Headquarters

How many types of post office are there?

It is basically classified into 3 types, namely – Head Post office, Sub Post Office and Branch Post Office.

Why is it called a post office?

In early modern England, post riders—mounted couriers—were placed, or "posted",every few hours along post roads at posting houses (also known as post houses) between major cities, or "post towns". These stables or inns permitted important correspondence to travel without delay.

Who created the first postal system?

The first well-documented postal service was that of Rome. Organized at the time of Augustus Caesar (62 BCE – 14 CE), the service was called cursus publicus and was provided with light carriages (rhedæ) pulled by fast horses.

Which is the oldest post office?

Sanquhar Post Office

Which is highest post in world?

The world's highest post office at Hikkim in Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh has now got a new look. It has taken the shape of a letterbox to attract tourists. The world's highest post office began its operations in Hikkim village since 1983 and is located at 14,567 feet above sea level.15-Jun-2022

What is the highest salary in post office?

What is the highest salary in India Post? The highest-paying job at India Post is a System Manager with a salary of ₹6.2 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹5 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹11.43 lakhs per year.

Who is the father of Indian postal stamp?

Indian Postal System was developed under the governor-generalship of Lord Dalhousie. He served as the Governor General of India from 1848 to 1856. The postal stamps were used in 1854 for the first time.

Who started post office in India?

Warren Hastings (Governor General of British India from 1773-1784) opened the posts to the public in March 1774. Prior to this the main purpose of the postal system had been to serve the commercial interests of the East India Company.

What is India's official name?

the Republic of India

What is a female postmaster called?

Over the course of the 1800s, the number of women Postmasters increased from fewer than a dozen to more than 6,000. By the end of the twentieth century, more than half of all Postmasters were women. Although sometimes popularly called "postmistresses," their official title has always been "Postmaster."26-Feb-2021

Is postman a government job?

India Post Recruitment 2022: The Department of Posts (India Post) is a Government Operated Postal System, under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India. India Posts and Indian Postal Circle offers career opportunities to Eligible Indian Nationals.

Why is India Post in loss?

Mismanagement of manpower: The company has a massive 4.33 lakh workforce and 1.56 lakh-strong post office network. The under-utilisation of workforce and infrastructure led to a loss for the company.22-Apr-2019

Who is chief postmaster general?

Kaushlendra Kumar Sinha - Chief Postmaster General - Govt.

What is SSP in post office?

IPoS Officer, while posted in field as Junior Time Scale (JTS) Officer either as Senior Superintendent of Post Offices (SSPOs) or Senior Superintendent Railway Mail Service (SSRM), is responsible for overall administration of the Postal/ RMS Division, wherein he / she is posted.

What are the ranks in post office?

Postal Or Post Office Employee designation/ post/ rank with pay scale

How many post office there are in India?