How much can you earn with Ninja Van?

How much can you earn with Ninja Van?

The average Ninja Van monthly salary ranges from approximately RM1,530 per month for Route Driver to RM8,734 per month for Finance Manager. The average Ninja Van daily wage ranges from approximately RM80. 00 per day for Warehouse Worker to RM89.

Why do you want to join Ninja Van?

"Working with Ninja Van has provided me the opportunity to grow and develop a meaningful and stable career in a market that can be unpredictable. The team has been generous in sharing their knowledge, which has allowed me to develop new skills and knowledge that can help me both professionally and personally.

What do Ninja Van do?

Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia.

What is so special about Ninja Van?

Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. One of the region's fastest growing last-mile logistics companies, it powers businesses with innovative logistics solutions.

How do I become a ninja van delivery partner?

If you are interested in partnering with Ninja Van, please fill out this Sign Up Sheet or send us an email at [email protected] with the information below. Nature of products (ex. clothes, beauty products, perfumes, bags, etc.)

How much do Lalamove drivers make?

With Lalamove, reaching your financial goals gets easier. Hear it from one of our riders: He can earn up to RM20 on a good day! Whether you're joining Lalamove full-time or part-time, delivering with us is the easiest way you can earn extra income!25-Nov-2021

Is Ninja Van a good company to work for?

very good company, easy to learn there system like in the app. for the rider no hustle in the side of rider easy to reschedule, cancelation, and POD of the parcel.

What time does Ninja Van usually deliver?

between 9am-10pm

Who is Ninja Van?

Ninja Van is a Singapore-based logistics company. Founded in 2014, the company engages in last mile logistics and package delivery. Ninja Van has sorting warehouses across Southeast Asia in Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Does Ninja Van work on Sunday?

a. Ninja shall remain contactable for all enquiries, whether from the Sender or its Recipients, through its email or its call centre from 9am to 10pm every day, with the exception of Sundays and Public Holidays.

Who is the CEO of Ninja Van?

Who are Ninja Van competitors?

Ninja Van's top competitors include Shadowfax Technologies, Deliveree, and Moova.

Who is founder of Ninja Van?

Ninja Logistics Pte Ltd/Founders

How did Ninja Van succeed?

Indeed, in 2014, Ninja Van became the first logistics company in Singapore to provide real-time tracking updates. It later harnessed algorithms to optimize route deliveries and save on fuel. “The less people have to think, the more scalable a business gets, the more consistent a business gets,” said Lai.06-Feb-2020

Is Ninja Van a startup?

Ninja Van raised $578 million from investors including Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, making the logistics startup Singapore's newest unicorn.27-Sept-2021

How do I partner with a courier company?

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How do I contact Ninja Van drivers?


How do you use a Ninja Van pickup?

Visit the Ninja Point you have selected* and show the store owner your tracking ID and OTP or QR code to receive your parcel. *Please tick the box stating "Pick up a parcel" on the Ninja Points map only. Please ensure that the remaining boxes on the map are left unchecked.

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How much can I earn as a Grab driver?

How much can I expect to earn? Based on Grab's income calculator, you can earn around $617 a week as a part-time Grab driver. You can earn around $945 a week if you are a full-timer driving 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday.05-May-2021

Which is better Grab or Lalamove?

Visit their websites and use whichever is cheaper based on your location and purpose. If you are going to deliver something nearer, Grab is the best bet. If you want to deliver on locations that are far from your address, Lalamove would be the best choice.22-Jul-2021

How much can you earn with Ninja Van?