Is WeFast now borzo?

Is WeFast now borzo?

Here's the reason behind it! We are combining all of Borzo's operations across 10. countries to scale global brand expertise and continue.02-Sept-2021

How can I send parcel in Mumbai?

5 Hyperlocal Delivery Services in Mumbai

What is the cost of dunzo?

Currently Swiggy is charging ₹29 for the first two kilometers and ₹15 for every extra kilometer. In comparison, Dunzo charges ₹40 for four kilometers, ₹80 for eight kilometers, and ₹120 for distance greater than eight kilometers.Choosing between Swiggy and Dunzo.

How does dunzo pickup work?

Dunzo is an app that connects you to the nearest delivery partner to buy, pick up or deliver anything in your city and even deliver it straight back to you. The next time you forget something at home and want it to be delivered at work, fret not! It will do it for you.

Who owns borzo?

Mike Alexandrovski

Why WeFast changed name to borzo?

To achieve this goal we believe it's important to ensure operational synchronicity and integrity of the company's brand perception, and that's why we rebranded it to Borzo."31-Aug-2021

Is Dunzo delivery free?

No, your first order on Dunzo is not FREE. However, Dunzo offers the first 3 deliveries free for its users. You also get to avail a flat ₹75/- off offer on your Dunzo Daily order if you are a Times Prime member.

What is Dunzo used for?

We're an app that connects you to the nearest delivery partner who can make purchases, pick up items from any store or restaurant in the city and bring them to you.

What is borzo courier?

Borzo — Global crowdsourced delivery service operating in 10 countries. Fast and flexible intra-city delivery for businesses and individuals. Place an order in seconds, and your customers will receive their items the same day: in 60 minutes or at a specified time.

Which is cheaper Dunzo or Swiggy?

Ans: Yes, Dunzo is cheaper than Swiggy Genie. However, Swiggy offers discounts and coupons, making it more affordable for customers.22-Sept-2022

Is Dunzo daily safe?

I do not recommend it to anyone looking for these items on Dunzo . There is no use of that much promotion & advertising everywhere when you don't have such healthy & daily needs food items .

What is the weight limit in Dunzo?

We can transport any items that can be carried on a two wheeler, up to 7 kilograms in weight.

What is the rate of Dtdc per kg?

DTDC –Express Air mode Courier Charges – (100gram to 2kg)

How do you pay Dunzo?

You can pay for your deliveries using PayTm, LazyPay, Debit and Credit Card on Dunzo for Business. You can also opt for Cash on Delivery and include the delivery charges in the total cost of your order and opt for postpaid billing on Dunzo for Business.

What is Dunzo cash?

Dunzo Cash is a form of redemption points given by Dunzo to Users on the Platform either at the time of Account creation, through the referral ("Referral program") or through any other mode as may be indicated by Dunzo.

Is borzo Indian company?

Founded in Russia in 2012, WeFast rebranded itself into Borzo in August 2021, to consolidate the startup's global business to ensure operational synchronicity and integrity of the company's brand perception.05-Jan-2022

Is MrSpeedy and borzo the same?

As the demand for fast and hassle-free delivery continues to grow in the country, MrSpeedy Philippines has rebranded into Borzo — a marque that is already in 10 countries. Now, Borzo also continues to build on the reputation that MrSpeedy has established over several years.13-Sept-2021

How good is borzo?

Borzo is rated 3.6 out of 5, based on 3 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Borzo is known for Skill development which is rated at the top and given a rating of 3.6. However, Job Security is rated the lowest at 3.0 and can be improved.

Who is owner of WeFast?

Jobs. Evgeny P. is the CEO & Founder at Wefast .

How do I book WeFast courier?

Customer support in chat or by phone 022 49054444, 9 AM - 9:00 PM 7 days a week even on public holidays. Customer service representatives can help you with order status, advise on the best delivery type, explain how our service works and why we have the best couriers.

How is borzo delivery?

When you place an order, our system finds the nearest available courier (there are always couriers available), who will immediately start fulfilling the order using the quickest route that we have calculated. Our fastest delivery time is 38 minutes after the order was placed!

Is WeFast now borzo?