Is Wefast same as borzo?

Is Wefast same as borzo?

MUMBAI, India, Aug. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- WeFast , the leading crowdsourced same-day delivery service operating globally, announced today that it has changed its name to Borzo to unite its businesses in 10 different countries under a single brand.31-Aug-2021

Is Wefast the same as dunzo?

Dunzo: Deliver Packages Fast Dunzo is also an app-based courier delivery service provider with a similar business model to WeFast.28-Apr-2022

How fast does Wefast deliver?

High-Speed Shipping delivery time of 38 minutes.

What is Wefast called now?

We are combining all of Borzo's operations across 10. countries to scale global brand expertise and continue. develop each of its markets individually to deliver.02-Sept-2021

How do I book Wefast courier?

Customer support in chat or by phone 022 49054444, 9 AM - 9:00 PM 7 days a week even on public holidays. Customer service representatives can help you with order status, advise on the best delivery type, explain how our service works and why we have the best couriers.

Who is the owner of Wefast?

Jobs. Evgeny P. is the CEO & Founder at Wefast .

Is borzo Indian company?

Founded in Russia in 2012, WeFast rebranded itself into Borzo in August 2021, to consolidate the startup's global business to ensure operational synchronicity and integrity of the company's brand perception.05-Jan-2022

Who owns borzo?

In a statement, Mike Alexandrovski, founder of Borzo, said: “With the new round closed we continue to move toward our goal of becoming one of the top courier delivery companies in every market we operate in.31-Aug-2021

How does v Fast work?

VFAST is a fastest evolving verification product by FBIV Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. in India. We provide a compliant & robust background verification process and specialize in helping organizations of all sizes and locations efficiently implement, utilize and refine their background screening programs.

What is security fee in Wefast?

Parcel security fee: Rs - 80 (Need to transfer to Borzo) Bonus points: 50 ( will be transferred by Borzo) Your earnings: Rs 53 + 50 = Rs 103.

How do I contact borzo?

Contact Details & Customer Service

What is non cash in Wefast?

Online order - when you complete non-cash order i.e order for which Borzo is going to pay you, this is temporary credit given to you till the amount is transferred to your bank account.

How can I send parcel in Mumbai?

5 Hyperlocal Delivery Services in Mumbai

How is borzo delivery?

When you place an order, our system finds the nearest available courier (there are always couriers available), who will immediately start fulfilling the order using the quickest route that we have calculated. Our fastest delivery time is 38 minutes after the order was placed!

Is borzo delivery reliable?

All parcels are handled with extra care and delivered on time. Totally reliable delivery service; - Care for recipients.

Is Wefast a good app?

The daily encouragement and notifications are incredibly helpful. This is a great app, truly. Despite my issues below, I strongly recommend this app to anyone who is in the IF lifestyle. I REALLY WISH that I could input a CUSTOM FASTING HOURS (15/10 or 17/7) instead I being limited to the ones listed.

What is borzo courier?

Borzo — Global crowdsourced delivery service operating in 10 countries. Fast and flexible intra-city delivery for businesses and individuals. Place an order in seconds, and your customers will receive their items the same day: in 60 minutes or at a specified time.

Is Wefast safe Quora?

I would not recommend Wefast to you. It has one of the worst, untrained delivery partners. The delivery person took the parcel and the payment and then asked me to cancel the ride for his convenience. I refused to do so and he showed his tantrums.

What is a Motobox in WeFast?

The bags are insulated and can also be used for food and beverages to keep your meal hot and fresh upon delivery ☕️