What are the latest achievements of India?

What are the latest achievements of India?

What are the most recent achievements of India? India has become the largest Digital Market in the world. India is now the fastest-growing Startup Ecosystem. India ran the world's largest vaccine drive against Covid-19.08-Sept-2022

What were 3 important Indian achievements?

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What are the achievements of India in 2020?

Top science and technology achievements of India in 2020

What are some achievements of India as a nation that we can be proud of?

India was the first country in South East Asia that decided to have a democratic form of government soon after the independence. The first general elections were conducted in the year 1951 with Universal Adult Franchise.14-Aug-2018

What are the achievements of India in 2021?

9 milestone achievements by Indians in 2021 that made our hearts swell with pride

What are your 3 achievements?

'My greatest achievement' examples could include:

In which things India is first in world?

Other contributions of India to the world includes Chess, snakes and ladders, basmati rice, yoga, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, water on the moon, plastic surgery, binary system, ink, Fibonacci numbers, fiber optics, USB, and many more.20-May-2022

What did India achieve last 75 years?

In the 75 years of independence, Indian Infrastructure has improved drastically. The overall length of the Indian road network has grown from 0.399 million km in 1951 to 4.70 million km as of 2015, which makes it the third largest roadway network in the world.14-Aug-2022

What are the scientific achievements of India?

Achievements of India in the Field of Science and Technology

What achievements do I have?

List of achievements

What has India achieved since Independence?

It became one of the biggest democracies in the world. After more than 74 years of gaining independence, India has walked a long way. They have built a surplus economy and defiled evil forces from within to remain a democracy. The country has also become one of the most celebrated science and technology hubs.

Is India a city or a country?

India is the second-most populous country in the world (after China), with an estimated population of 1.37 billion people (in 2020). The country is subdivided into 29 states and seven Union Territories. With an area of 3,287,263 km², India is the 7th largest country in the world, about one-third the size of the USA.

What is the greatness of India?

It has a civilisation that is more than 5000 years old and boasts of multiple cultural origins. There is an emerging global, scientific and technological superpower, with a diverse environment in flora and fauna. There is so much to being an Indian that one can never be proud enough.13-Aug-2012

Why India is great in English?

India is known for its heritage, spices, and of course, for people who live here. That's the reasons India is famous for the common saying of “unity in diversity”. India is also well known as the land of spirituality, philosophy, science, and technology.

What makes you a proud Indian?

The unity in diversity is what makes me proud of India. Apart from that, our heterogeneous composition and the ability to co-exist peacefully despite the numerous divergent philosophies, castes, languages, religions and ideologies makes India unique. It also shows our maturity as a nation and a model democracy.15-Aug-2016

What are the milestones of India?

India@75 | Some milestones India reached since 1947

What are your achievements interview questions?

By asking “What is your greatest accomplishment?” employers can see if your skills and work ethic match up to their needs and fit in with their company culture. Your choice of greatest achievement will show the interviewer what you consider important, and how you achieved it will tell them how you get things done.27-Jan-2022

What is the politics in India?

India is a parliamentary democratic secular republic in which the president of India is the head of state & first citizen of India and the prime minister of India is the head of government.

What is your biggest achievement answer?

The bottom line is: If you're debating between a few options of achievements to share, you should always choose the more recent story, and the one that's more relevant to the job you've applied for. Then get specific and talk about RESULTS. Show exactly what you achieved and why it was a significant accomplishment.

What are you proud of?

What are your greatest achievement?

“What's your greatest accomplishment?” is a behavioral job interview question. What that means is, the interviewer wants to understand your past performance, and how you handle specific situations (for example, under pressure).

What are the latest achievements of India?