What is called a post office?

What is called a post office?

Definition of post office 1 : a government department or agency handling the transmission of mail. 2 : a local branch of a national post office handling the mail for a particular place or area.

Why is it called a post office?

post office (n.) 1650s, "public department in charge of letter-carrying," from post (n. 3) + office. Meaning "building where postal business is carried on, office or place where letters are received for transmission," is from 1650s.17-Sept-2020

What is the work of Indian post office?

It touches the lives of Indian citizens in many ways: delivering mails, accepting deposits under Small Savings Schemes, providing life insurance cover under Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) and providing retail services like bill collection, sale of forms, etc.

How many types of post office are there?

It is basically classified into 3 types, namely – Head Post office, Sub Post Office and Branch Post Office.

Who is head of post office?

Postal Services Board, Dak Bhawan,New Delhi-110001.

Which is the first post office in India?

The East India company opened its first post office in 1727. In 1774 Calcutta GPO was established. The site where the GPO is now located was actually the site of the first Fort William. An alley beside the post office was the site of the guardhouse that housed the infamous 1756 Black Hole of Calcutta (1756).

Who started the Post Office?

Benjamin Franklin

Who owns the Post Office?

What is the use of postal system?

postal system, the institution—almost invariably under the control of a government or quasi-government agency—that makes it possible for any person to send a letter, packet, or parcel to any addressee, in the same country or abroad, in the expectation that it will be conveyed according to certain established standards

Which job is best in post office?

Career Opportunities in Indian Postal Service: Check List

What is full form of SP in post office?

​Overview of Book Now Pay Later (BNPL Scheme): ​ Bulk customer is eligible for credit facility provided he enters in to an agreement with the Department. Bulk customer is defined as anyone who provides Rs. 10,000 worth of speed post business in calendar month at a Speed Post booking office.​

What are the ranks in post office?

Postal Or Post Office Employee designation/ post/ rank with pay scale

What is an example of post office?

A place (building, office, shop, or counter) concerned with the business of delivering letters, post or mail and selling stamps, etc. An organisation that delivers letters (for example, Canada Post, Royal Mail, United States Postal Service).

What are the things in post office?

The primary function of post office is collection, processing , transmission and delivery of mails. All postal articles whose contents are in the nature of message can be classified as Mails which includes Letters, Postcard, Inland letter card, packets, Ordinary, registered, insured, Value payable articles, speed post.

When did the post office start?

What is the duty of post master?

General purpose duty like painting of letter boxes in the sub division, arranging hired accommodation for post offices, maintenance of mail lines etc. At sub Divisional level he maintains liaison with State Government authorities, and important public persons and customers.

What is a female postmaster called?

Over the course of the 1800s, the number of women Postmasters increased from fewer than a dozen to more than 6,000. By the end of the twentieth century, more than half of all Postmasters were women. Although sometimes popularly called "postmistresses," their official title has always been "Postmaster."26-Feb-2021

Which is highest post in post office?

They can rise up to the position of the Director-General of Post Offices. The postal services consist of 22 circles for various states and a Base circle for postal services to the armed forces. Each circle is headed by a Chief Postmaster General.

Which is the largest post office in India?

Mumbai GPO was formed in 1794 although the office moved into the present building on April 12, 1913. Spread over 1 lakh sq ft, this is the biggest post office in India.13-Apr-2013

Who started post office in India?

Warren Hastings (Governor General of British India from 1773-1784) opened the posts to the public in March 1774. Prior to this the main purpose of the postal system had been to serve the commercial interests of the East India Company.

How many post offices are in India?

India has the largest postal network in the world with 1,55,618 post offices and over 5,66,000 employees. The modern postal service in India is more than 150 years old. Interested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs?03-Oct-2016

What is called a post office?