What is the income of post office franchise?

What is the income of post office franchise?

Rs. 3.5 per money order booked. 20% extra commission on the booking 1000 or more speed post, registered post or both articles booked. 5% commission on the sale of postal stamps, money order forms and other stationery.

What is post office franchise?

There will be two types of franchises- (i) Counter services through Franchise Outlets in areas where there is demand. for postal services, but a post office cannot be opened. (ii) Sale of postal stamps and stationery through Postal Agents in urban and. rural areas.

How can I become a post office agent?

How to become a Post Office RD agent?

How can I contact post agent in India?

Is Indian Post Office franchise profitable?

You can earn a good amount of money every month by taking post office franchises. The good thing is that there is also a scope of bumper profits at a low cost. To start a post office franchise business, you only have to spend 5,000 rupees.03-Jan-2022

Can we get loan from Post Office?

At present, under the NSC and KVP rules, many depositors with the public sector banks have been getting loans by pledging their investment certificates under NSC and KVP as security. However, the department of post has not been authorised to sanction loan against such investment.21-Jun-2008

Is money safe in post office?

Is Post Office investment safe and tax-free? Ans. Yes, it is safe as investments under Post Office bear sovereign guarantee of Government of India. All these schemes are tax exempt up to a certain limit and some schemes like PPF, Sukanya Samridhi Yojna have tax benefits on returns as well.02-Aug-2022

How can I get IPPB franchise?

All you need is: A current account with IPPB. Any smartphone with android version 5.0 or higher.If you fall under any of the categories listed below, you can become an IPPB Merchant:

What is the agent commission in post office schemes?

Post Office Small Saving Schemes – Rate of Commission of Agents

What is direct postal agent?

Post Name:- Direct Postal Agent Payment of Commission:- The engagement is purely on a commission basis and the selected Direct Agents will be paid commission on the PLI/RPLI business procured by him/her at the rates prescribed by the Department of Posts.15-Jul-2021

How much commission does LIC agents get?

There isn't any fix salary from the LIC for the agents. Though, Agents earn the commission for the policies they sale. LIC offers 25% to 35% commission on the policy premium for the first year, then 7.5% for 2nd & 3rd Year + 5% till the policy maturity.

What is the work of direct agent in post office?

2,3 means an Insurance Agent engaged by the Postmaster General / Head of the Division who receives or agrees to receive payments by way of commission or other remuneration in consideration of his/her soliciting or procuring PLI/RPLI business including business relating to continuance, renewal or revival of policies of

How do I contact a postman?

1800 266 6868 ( 09.00 am to 06.00 pm except Sunday and gazetted holidays) 1800-11-2011 (For International Mails) 1800 425 2440 (For ATM/ debit card, mobile/ internet/ SMS banking related grievances)

How can I become a PPF agent?

1 Minimum qualification is 12th Pass under 10+2 scheme or Higher Secondary or its equivalent. 2 Retired person(s) from Govt., Semi Govt. Undertaking, Public Sector are also eligible for the SAS /PPF/MPKBY agency. 3 SAS/PPF/MPKBY agency may be given to the person(s) who hold the agency of L.I.C/ G.I.C.24-May-2016

How do I open a post office account online?

Step 1: First, visit the official website of Post Office. Step 2: Go to Savings Account option and select the option 'Apply Now'. Step 3: Fill the required details like Name, Contact number, Date of Birth, Address etc. and click on 'Submit'.03-Feb-2022

Which is the most profitable franchise in India?

12 Most Profitable Franchise Business Opportunities In India

What are the facilities of post office?

Post Office Saving Schemes

Which scheme is best in post office?

What is the interest rate in Indian Post Office?

Interest Rates On Post Office Savings Schemes

What is the interest of 1 lakh in post office?

1 lakh in the scheme, with a maturity period of 5 years. At the annual interest rate of 7.7%, he will receive a fixed monthly payout of Rs. 641.66. At the end of the investment term, i.e., 5 years, he will get back the amount he deposited.

Which is better bank or post office?

Apart from banks, FD schemes are also provided by Post Offices. While comparing the rate of interest offered by the State Bank of India fixed deposits for a tenure of five years and post office term deposits for the same tenure, the difference comes to around 1.2%.03-Apr-2022

What is the income of post office franchise?