What is the maximum limit of HDFC MoneyBack credit card?

What is the maximum limit of HDFC MoneyBack credit card?

HDFC Moneyback Credit Card Limit: Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 1,50,000.24-Apr-2019

How good is HDFC MoneyBack credit card?

HDFC MoneyBack is one of the most popular entry-level credit cards in India which offers cashback on every transaction. The card offers 2X reward points on online shopping and 2 reward points on every retail spend. The benefits provided on this credit card are quite satisfactory as compared to the annual fee.26-Sept-2022

Is HDFC money back card free?

Annual fees: Technically most Credit Cards charge an annual fee. But these fees are waived off if you use your card regularly and achieve a minimum spend – for example, the HDFC Bank Visa Signature Card will waive off the annual fee if you spend Rs 15,000 in 90 days of the card issuing date.

What is the interest rate of MoneyBack credit card?


Can I use 100% limit of credit card?

Yes, credit card issuers allow you to use your card for an amount above the credit limit, called the 'over limit' facility. Before you avail of this facility, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.08-Feb-2020

Can I withdraw money from MoneyBack credit card?

Yes, the bank allows you to withdraw cash using your HDFC Bank MoneyBack+ Credit Card. However, the bank charges a cash advance fee of 2.5% of the withdrawn amount or a minimum of Rs. 500 (whichever is higher) for withdrawing cash via your credit card.07-Oct-2022

Which card is better MoneyBack or regalia?

However, the HDFC Regalia First Credit Card comes with a higher annual fee as compared to the MoneyBack Plus Credit Card, but it also provides you with exciting travel benefits, including complimentary lounge access, which is not offered by the MoneyBack Plus Card.24-May-2022

Is MoneyBack plus lifetime free?

No, the HDFC MoneyBack Plus Card is not lifetime free. It comes with an annual fee of Rs. 500, which is waived on spending Rs. 50,000 or more in the previous year.26-Aug-2022

Which is better Millenia or MoneyBack?

Millennia is the better rewarding cashback credit card. Both MoneyBack+ and Millennia earn CashPoints for spending. But the key difference is the value of one CashPoint. For Millennia, 1 CP = Rs 1 but for MoneyBack+ it is 1 CP = 25 paise.

Can I withdraw cash from HDFC MoneyBack credit card?

Credit Card Cash Limit At HDFC Bank, we offer a cash advance limit of 40 %. So, if your Credit Card limit is Rs 1 lakh, you can withdraw cash up to Rs 40,000.

How to make HDFC MoneyBack credit card lifetime free?

December 2022 Update: HDFC removed all the LifeTime Free conversion conditions in October 2022 and now only Shoppers Stop HDFC Credit Card is issued as lifetime free. The only option to make your card lifetime free now is to achieve the required milestone spend every year and get the annual fee waived.01-Dec-2022

Which HDFC credit card is best for beginners?

Best HDFC Credit Cards Of 2022

What is the minimum cibil score for credit card?


Which is the safest credit card in India?

Which is the safest credit card in India? SBI SimplySave credit card is the safest card as it offers the lowest interest rates with minimal joining and annual charges. The card also offers the best features for basic expenses like grocery and retail shopping.

What is the billing cycle of HDFC Moneyback credit card?

Billing cycle –This is the 30-day period for which the statement is generated. It is the period between two consecutive statement dates. The Credit Card bill is a reflection of the transactions made during the billing cycle, apart from the interest penalty and late payment fee (if any).

How to get 1 lakh credit card limit?

Improve your credit score: Since banks consider credit score while setting Credit Card limits, it's better to ensure that you have a good score. You can do this by paying all your dues, like EMIs, on time. So it's best to avoid doing that. Keeping your spending within limits can be helpful.

What is the credit card limit for 50000 salary?

#1 Your Income/Salary: Usual credit limit is 2X or 3X of your monthly income. Suppose your salary slip shows Rs. 50,000 per month, you can expect Rs. 1 Lakh – 1.5 Lakh credit limit.10-Jan-2016

What is a good credit limit?

A good credit limit is above $30,000, as that is the average credit card limit, according to Experian. To get a credit limit this high, you typically need an excellent credit score, a high income and little to no existing debt. What qualifies as a good credit limit differs from person to person, though.08-Dec-2022

What is the cash limit in credit card?

What is cash limit on a credit card? Credit card cash limit is the maximum cash you can withdraw using your credit card from the bank's ATM. A credit card user can withdraw cash within the limit set by the bank and has to repay the amount at a later date, along with interest and other charges.

Can we use HDFC credit card in ATM?

Cash from HDFC Credit Cards can be withdrawn at any of the ATMs, not necessarily from HDFC ATMs. And the procedure to withdraw cash is similar to withdrawing cash using a debit card. However, before withdrawing the cash make sure you have enough cash limit on your card.

Can I transfer money from HDFC credit card to bank account?

Funds would be transferred via NEFT or Demand Draft. For NEFT, the customer needs to send an e-mail to HDFC Bank with the details of other bank's name, customer's name as per other bank details and other bank credit card number in which the balance transfer is to be taken.

What is the maximum limit of HDFC MoneyBack credit card?