What is the minimum balance for current account IN Federal Bank?

What is the minimum balance for current account IN Federal Bank?

Features and benefits 5,000. The bank levies a penalty of Rs. 200 for non-maintenance of the monthly average balance. Account holders can withdraw up to 15 times the amount of their minimum average balance of the previous month.

Which bank has lowest minimum balance for current account?

Current Accounts generally have high Minimum Balance Requirement. However, ICICI and Axis Bank are the best banks as they offer an option of Zero Balance Current Account.

Is current account zero balance?

Yes, zero-balance current accounts can be opened by anyone.

Is Federal Bank IN good for current account?

This current account offers the user exciting features such as high transaction limits, free unlimited cheque leaves and free access to every digital banking channels along with free unlimited demand drafts, NEFT and RTGS facility.

Is federal bank zero balance?

Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) is a Zero Balance Savings Account that takes care of your simple banking needs with Free ATM card, monthly statement, and cheque book.

What is the limit of current account?

Monthly Average Balance (MAB) Requirement on Basic Current Account of Different Banks

What are the 4 types of current account?

​​​​​​​Read more Current Account Minimum Balance here.

Which bank is best for current account?

Best Banks for Current Account

Can I use current account for personal use?

No, because the facilities, features, and benefits of each type of account differ, it is not possible to convert a savings account to a current account. Savings accounts are opened for personal use and are intended to be used in an emergency, whereas current accounts are used by businesses for regular transactions.17-Aug-2022

Is current bank account free?

No surprise charges. At Current, we believe in our members spending their hard-earned money on the things that matter most to them. We have no hidden fees², no overdraft fees, no minimum balance fees and no fees when you transfer money to other members on Current using your Current ~tag.

What is rule of current account?

1 Borrowers can open current accounts with any one of the banks with which it has CC/OD facility, provided that the bank has at least 10 per cent of the aggregate exposure of the banking system to that borrower.19-Apr-2022

Can I open current account without GST?

However, GST is not mandatory to open a Current Account. A current bank account is widespread among companies, sole proprietorships, enterprises who execute a large number of financial transactions regularly.

Is Federal Bank better than HDFC?

Federal Bank with an average customer rating of 4.5 is equally comparable to HDFC Bank with an average customer rating of 4.5. Hence, the customer can expect the same kind of service levels from these banks.

Which is best SBI or Federal Bank?

Which is a better bank for Home Loan – SBI or Federal Bank? SBI offers lower Home Loan EMI at ₹ 765 on a Home Loan for 30 Years as compared to Federal Bank with a minimum EMI of ₹ 845 for 30 Years. Average customer ratings for SBI is currently at 4.2/5.0 which makes it a good choice for taking a Home Loan.

Which is better axis or Federal Bank?

Axis Bank is most highly rated for Job security and advancement and Federal Bank of India is most highly rated for Job security and advancement.Overall Rating.

Is Federal Bank on GPAY?

Sign in with your Google account. Follow the instructions to secure your Google Pay app and add your Federal Bank Card/Federal Bank account.

Is Federal Bank is a government bank?

Federal Bank Limited is an Indian private sector bank headquartered in Aluva, Kochi, Kerala. The bank has 1,336 branches spread across different states in India. It also has representative offices abroad in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Dubai.

Is Federal Bank good?

Each and every transaction is safe and secured. Their service is fine. Mobile app and net banking services are good. 0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"

Can I deposit 10 lakhs in my Current Account?

Cash Deposits In Savings Bank Accounts The amount that can be deposited in a bank account is capped at Rs. 10 Lakhs. The income tax department may issue an income tax notice to a savings account customer who invests more than Rs. 10 Lakhs in a financial year.11-May-2022

Can I deposit 5 lakhs in my Current Account?

Answer and Explanation: YES, we can deposit 5 Lakh in 2 bank account, per A/c 2.5 Lakh.

What are the charges of Current Account?

What is the minimum balance for current account IN Federal Bank?