What is the Pincode of Yelahanka?

What is the Pincode of Yelahanka?

Yelahanka/Zip codes

Is Yelahanka a district?

Yelahanka lies to the north of Bengaluru. It was a Municipal council and Taluk (lies below the District level in administrative setup) headquarters prior to the formation of BBMP (a metro corporation annexing the original Bangalore area and its suburbs) and now forms a part of Greater Bengaluru.

What is bagalur PIN code?

What is the pin code of Bangalore?

Bengaluru/Zip codes

Is Yelahanka urban or rural?

Bangalore Urban

Which area comes under Bangalore North?

All Localities in North Bangalore

Which part of Bangalore is south?

Complete List of Area in Bangalore South in Bangalore, Karnataka

Is Bangalore bigger than Mumbai?

2. Area of Mumbai Vs Bangalore. Talking about the area, Bangalore's megacity is spread over 709 km² area, and the metro city is spread over 805 km². On the other hand area of Mumbai's mega city is 603 km², and the metro city is spread over 4355 km².28-Apr-2022

How is Bangalore divided?

The district is divided into three taluks namely Bangalore north, Bangalore south and Anekal taluks and is very well connected to all parts of the country and to different parts of world through air ways (With newly built international Air port), railways and road ways.

What is Hosur pincode?

Hosur/Zip codes

Which area pin code is 562149?

Bandikodigehalli Pin Code is 562149. Bandikodigehalli comes under Bangalore district.

What is Bangalore famous for?

Bangalore is famous being the Silicon Valley of India, Karnataka's capital city is a well known IT hub and some of the world's major It corporations operate out of the city. Apart from MNCs, Bangalore is also home to many startups and Indian tech companies.25-Jul-2018

Is Bangalore a district or city?

Bangalore City, known as the Capital City of Karnataka and also as the City of Parks, has been established and formed based on Karnataka State Policy Rules. in the year 1986 as per the Karnataka State Policy Rules. This district is located in the southeast of the state.26-Aug-2022

What is the 6 digit PIN code of Bangalore?

Bangalore City Pin Code is 560002. Pin Code is also known as Zip Code or Postal Code. Bangalore City is located in district Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA.

Which is the richest area in Bangalore?

Top 14 Posh Areas in Bangalore (Best Residential Places &

Why Whitefield is called Whitefield?

Whitefield, named after David Emmanuel Starkenburgh White, was established as an Anglo-Indian village way back in 1882. Built on nearly 4,000 acres of land granted by the then Maharaja of Mysore, this eastern suburb was planned in concentric circles with a central 'Village Green' area.17-Nov-2017

How safe is Yelahanka?

Raja Quereshi, Director, New Door Ventures, adds, "Safety-wise, Yelahanka is an excellent place to buy a home. Crime rates are significantly less here as police patrols the area frequently. Also, there are many military and air force establishments nearby.07-Apr-2022

Which area comes under Bangalore West?

West Bangalore

Which area comes under Bangalore East?

All Localities in East Bangalore

Where is Bangalore North or South?

Bangalore lies in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka.

Where do rich live in Bangalore?

The city's super rich traditionally lived and still live in Sadashivnagar and Indiranagar Defence Colony areas. The city's old money still lies in Sadashivnagar, Basavanagudi and Malleswaram, as per an internal assessment of India's richest suburbs.31-Mar-2018

What is the Pincode of Yelahanka?