What items are not allowed in DHL Express?

What items are not allowed in DHL Express?

List of DHL Express Prohibited Items

How do I make a claim against DHL?

Please contact DHL at 1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345) to arrange for a damage inspection. An inspection should be done at the original delivery location.

Is DHL allowed to open packages?

No. It is literally impossible to open every package. Otherwise, there would be huge delays in trade operations throughout the world. However, any international shipment undergoes the scanning procedure.04-Dec-2019

What you cant send to DHL?

There are some obvious things that you cannot send with DHL (such as animals, illegal substances, guns and explosives for instance). But there are also less obvious items that DHL can't transport, including aerosols, perfumes, aftershaves, eau de toilettes and cash.

Does DHL pay for lost packages?

DHL allows the recipients to raise a cargo claim for a missing package sent by DHL Express within 30 days of the date when the courier shipped the parcel. You can do it in two ways—by: Completing an online form. Submitting a completed form via email.

Is DHL responsible for lost packages?

If your shipment is lost, damaged, missing content, or it arrived later than the published delivery commitment, you will need to complete the correct corresponding claim form to ensure that DHL has all relevant information necessary to process your claim and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Is DHL liable for lost packages?

Although it is rare, unfortunately, accidents can sometimes happen and insurance will provide you with additional peace of mind and financial protection (limited to your actual financial loss). DHL's liability for direct loss or damage is provided as standard.

Does DHL inspect packages?

Our courier will inspect the shipment when the pickup is made. If improvements in packaging are necessary, the courier may request that you modify the packaging or may refuse the pickup. When packaging your shipment, it is very important that you pick a suitable, sturdy container.

Do customs check every package?

Does customs check every package? The short answer is yes. Customs checks all inbound international packages and mail. During this process, a customs officer in the country you're shipping to will review the package to make sure it meets the country's laws, regulations and policies.07-Aug-2019

What happens when package clears customs?

Your shipment clears customs once all duties are paid. Once customs clearance is complete, your chosen courier service transports the shipment from customs to the end-destination. Shipments rarely get stuck at customs.09-May-2018

What is restricted in DHL?

DHL Restricted Items Dangerous Goods (Hazardous or combustible materials including asbestos and ammunition) Firearms (Includes parts of paintball guns, pellet guns, and air rifles) Industrial diamonds/carbons (Valued over US$10,000) Jewelry (Valued over US$100, including watches)21-Jun-2019

Can I send food in DHL?

Our full range of services ensures the optimum conditions and proper compliance for perishables such as flowers, fruit, vegetables, cheese, sausages, fresh meat and fish across the supply chain.18-May-2022

Can I send a perfume by DHL?

However, you are not allowed to send flammable, hazardous liquids by general air freight and DHL Express, such as aerosols, alcoholic beverages, nail polish, perfumes containing alcohol and poisons. Other hazardous substances that are prohibited include corrosive liquids and biological samples.28-Jan-2022

Does DHL give refunds?

DHL offers refunds for over 50 service failures including “late deliveries”, “lost packages” or “wrong surcharges applied” but needless to say, shipping carriers deliberately make it difficult for businesses to claim refunds.

What happens if my DHL package is stolen?

Call DHL If you're feeling desperate, you can try calling DHI directly at (800)225-5345 to report the problem. According to some people, this may encourage the company to start an investigation on your package.23-Dec-2021

What happens if DHL is late?

In the event your shipment has not arrived within 10 days after the expected delivery time, kindly contact your merchant or online shop. The merchant or online shop as our contract partner can start an investigation for lost items.18-May-2022

What happens if a courier loses your package?

As mentioned earlier, if the courier left it somewhere that wasn't previously agreed and it's now gone, you should contact the retailer. They should replace it and then claim on their business insurance for any losses. If a thief breaks into your home to steal the parcel, you could make a home insurance claim.16-Mar-2022

How long does a DHL claim take?

Once a claim/dispute has been filed, please know that the process can take approximately thirty (30) calendar days.

How reliable is DHL?

Overview. DHL has a consumer rating of 1.38 stars from 503 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about DHL most frequently mention customer service, next day and wrong address problems. DHL ranks 232nd among Shipping sites.

Is the shipper responsible for lost package?

As a general rule of thumb, if you don't see any evidence to suggest otherwise, the seller or shipper is responsible. If a package is marked as delivered and you have not seen it, then the seller is responsible. The exception is that if a package is actually lost prior to being marked delivered.15-Nov-2019

Does DHL go through customs?

Processing several million customs entries is no easy task – and this is something that DHL Express does every day for its customers across the globe. Through the local customs services we provide to customers everywhere, we are now one of the world's largest customs service providers.

What items are not allowed in DHL Express?