Which bank is NiyoX?

Which bank is NiyoX?

Equitas Small Finance Bank

Can we trust NiyoX bank?

Money deposited in a neo-bank account is as secure as it would be in a regular bank account. All the neo-banks in India work on a partnership model with traditional banks. This means that customer funds are parked in an established bank.

Who can open NiyoX account?

All resident Indians above the age of 18 years can sign up for a NiyoX Account.16-Feb-2021

Is NiyoX debit card free?

The first card that you order through the NiyoX app will be free and there will not be any AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) for a year. From the second year, the charges would be 150+GST.

Who is the owner of Niyo?

Vinay Bagri

Who owns Niyo money?

Liked by Vinay Bagri It's a proud moment for all of us at…

Is Niyo Global RBI approved?

The Niyo Global account is insured for up to 5 lakhs under the “Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC)”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Is Neo Bank approved by RBI?

Neobank Open Gets RBI's In-Principle Nod For Payment Aggregator License. Neobanking unicorn Open has joined the list of fintech companies and startups that have received in-principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a payment aggregator gateway (PA/PG) licence.14-Nov-2022

Is UPI available in NiyoX?

Open the NiyoX app > Savings > Account Details. You can fund this account via NEFT/IMPS/UPI.

Is NiyoX bank zero balance?

NiyoX offers a zero balance account with no strings attached. The NiyoX account comes with two kinds of VISA Platinum Debit Cards: Virtual: A handy instant Virtual VISA Classic Debit Card which can be used as soon as you open your online account with partial-KYC (pending biometric).

Can withdraw money from NiyoX debit card?

Please note, you'll need to active the debit card and set an ATM Pin and further need to enable card locks of your desired choice and set the card limits for POS and ATM transactions. Only then you'll be able to withdraw funds.04-Jul-2021

What's the maximum balance I can hold at NiyoX?

The correct answer would be - infinity!16-Feb-2021

Does Niyo have annual fees?

Yes, Niyo Global by SBM offers a debit card free for life time and there are no annual charges on it.22-Jul-2022

Can I close NiyoX account?

We recommend you transfer funds from your NiyoX account to any other personal account, before placing an account closing request. Post this, Equitas Small Finance Bank will get in touch with you for further confirmation on your account closing request.25-Apr-2022

How do I deposit money into NiyoX?

Do you want to invest in our zero-commission mutual funds? Or do you want to deposit money in your savings account? You can visit your nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank branch and deposit cash into your savings account or you can also deposit cash through ATM Machines at some selected ATM centers. Hope this helps.22-Jun-2021

Is Niyo money free?

There are no transaction charges or any hidden fees. It is ideal for first time investors looking to get started quickly as well as for experienced investors looking for goal-planning and automation. - Get better than FD returns at low risk.12-Dec-2022

How does Niyo money make money?

Founded in 2015, Niyo offers digital savings accounts as well as wealth management services to customers in partnership with banks and other financial institutions. It also issues travel cards in partnership with SBM and DCB Bank for international remittance.24-Feb-2022

Is Niyo card better than forex card?

Niyo, in partnership with State Bank of Mauritius (India) Limited and VISA, brings you the Niyo Global card, a ZERO forex markup VISA Signature debit card that's better than the best forex card in India. It is the perfect bundle for Indian students travelling abroad to study.

Can I use Niyo card in India?

The Niyo Global Card is a zero forex markup smart travel card for the new generation of global travellers that eliminates the major pain points they encounter with handling foreign currency during their travels. It's an INR-based card accepted globally (150+ countries), including India.

Does Niyo have banking license?

Neobanks don't have a bank license of their own but count on bank partners to provide bank licensed services. For example – Niyo solution tied up with Yes Bank.22-Jun-2020

What is Niyo salary account?

Open banking platform for business and salary card for employees. Open Account and Complete KYC in 3 minutes. Get a salary credit of ₹20,000 or more. Spend ₹1,200 or more in one shot in the same calendar month. You'll instantly get a scratch card with rewards up to ₹250!

Which bank is NiyoX?