Which district is Rohini in?

Which district is Rohini in?

North West

What is Tehsil Rohini Sector 3?

What is the name of the Taluk/Tehsil in which Sector 3 Rohini falls? The Taluk/Tehsil details for Sector 3 Rohini is: Delhi.

Which district is Rohini Sector 13?

Sector 13 Rohini falls under New Delhi of New Delhi.

Which Rohini sector is best?

Sector-13 Rohini is one of the most sought out area to live in. This sector is one of the most green area, well maintained green parks, clean and broad roads, well connected to rest of the city. Rohini Sector-13 is a very good locality in this area. Rohini Sector-13 is a posh area surrounded by societies.

Who is the MLA of Rohini?

Rohini Assembly constituency

Which sector is Rohini West?

The Rohini West Metro Station is located on the Red Line of the Delhi Metro. It is an elevated station and is located in Sector 6 & Sector 10 of Rohini in Delhi, India. The station was inaugurated on 31 March 2004.

Is Jim Rohini a sector 3 affiliation?

JIMS, Rohini sector 3 is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Inderprasth University. It is the good college of IP University. JIMS, Rohini sector 3 is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Inderprasth University.04-Oct-2018

What is Tehsil of Rohini?

District North West have a Three Tehsil are :- Kanjhawala. Rohini.03-Sept-2022

How many sectors are in Rohini Delhi?

The first sub-city project of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Rohini began flourishing in the 1980s to become a residential hub catering to various income groups. Comprising over 50 sectors, the North Delhi locale boasts of robust social infrastructure and seamless connectivity.

Who is the DM of Rohini?

DC Office North West

Why is Rohini famous?

Rohini is known as one of the oldest Sub Cities in Delhi and was established over 20 years ago. It is a residential sub-city situated in North West Delhi District.

Who is the vice principal of DPS Rohini?

Kiran Kumar - Vice Principal - Delhi Public School,Rohini | LinkedIn.

Is Rohini is posh area?

Rohini has well-developed entertainment centres, planned houses and public infrastructures making it a very comfortable and posh area to live in.29-Sept-2021

Which Delhi district is best?

To help you out, here's a list of the Top 15 areas in Delhi that you can consider living in.

Which sector is best in Delhi?

Best 15 Areas to Live in Delhi (NCR)

Is Rohini good for living?

Yes . Rohini is quite safe. In sectors 1–19 there is regular patrolling of police and it's densely populated.

Is Rohini is a village?

Rohini is a village and a gram panchayat in the Sankrail CD block in the Jhargram subdivision of the Jhargram district, in the state of West Bengal, India.

What is the cost of MLA in Delhi?

Delhi Legislative Assembly is the legislative arm of the Government of Delhi. At present, it consists of 70 members, directly elected from 70 constituencies. The tenure of the Legislative Assembly is five years unless dissolved sooner.

Who is the mayor of Rohini?

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Which district is Rohini in?