Who developed India Post?

Who developed India Post?

Department of Posts, Government of India

How can I contact India Post?

Which is the best online newspaper in India?

Online news is available on the website of Hindustan Times.

What is the maximum weight of registered newspaper?

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Why is India Post in loss?

Mismanagement of manpower: The company has a massive 4.33 lakh workforce and 1.56 lakh-strong post office network. The under-utilisation of workforce and infrastructure led to a loss for the company.22-Apr-2019

Which is the first post office in India?

The East India company opened its first post office in 1727. In 1774 Calcutta GPO was established. The site where the GPO is now located was actually the site of the first Fort William. An alley beside the post office was the site of the guardhouse that housed the infamous 1756 Black Hole of Calcutta (1756).

What happens if post is not delivered?

A complaint can be filed or lodged for cases of loss of parcels, non-delivery or wrong delivery of article, non-refund of charges, non receipt of acknowledgement, etc.

How do I send an email to India Post?

How do I contact a postman?

1800 266 6868 | India Customer Care.

Which is the most expensive newspaper in India?

The Hindu is the most expensive newspaper in India.09-Aug-2020

What is the most respected newspaper in India?

List of newspapers

Which is the most selling newspaper in India?

The Times of India (English) The Times of India is the largest selling English daily newspaper in India.01-Sept-2021

What is the cost of registered post in India?

What is the registration fee of registered newspaper?

It is clarified that presently there is no fee for registration. For renewal the fee is Rs 50/- if the application is received after 30 September but before 31 December of the year in which the registration is to expire. It is Rs 100/- if it is received after the expiry date. newspapers registered with it.29-Sept-2020

Does registered post need a stamp?

Registration is compulsory for the following: Any parcel exceeding 4 kilograms in weight, Any Insured article, Any parcel addressed to a place for which a customs declaration is required, Any article containing the following stamps labels, cheque, hundi, bank note, bank post bill, bill-of-exchange, Any article bearing

What is the future of Indian Post Office?

But, India Post has the potential to be a huge income centre and more importantly a force multiplier for the economy. India Post has the potential to be the flyover that can link rural India with urban India. It has the potential to accelerate savings through financial inclusion.28-May-2022

Is Indian post making profit?

With an annual loss to the exchequer of Rs. 19,000 crores in fiscal year 2019 and Rs. 15541 crores in 2020, the postal department has been India's top loss-making entity.17-Nov-2021

Will post office be privatized in India?

Government departments, such as Railways, Posts, Airports Authority of India, major port trusts, and those that undertake commercial operations with development mandate, will not come under the ambit of the new PSU privatisation policy announced in the Union Budget 2021-22.05-Feb-2021

Who is the father of Indian postal stamp?

Indian Postal System was developed under the governor-generalship of Lord Dalhousie. He served as the Governor General of India from 1848 to 1856. The postal stamps were used in 1854 for the first time.

Which is the largest post office in India?

the Mumbai GPO

Who is head of post office?

Postal Services Board, Dak Bhawan,New Delhi-110001.

Who developed India Post?