Who is part of The Hut Group?

Who is part of The Hut Group?

The Hut Group operates 3 ecommerce divisions: Lifestyle: including www.Myprotein.com and www.Myvitamins.com. Prestige: including www.Lookfantastic.com, www.Mankind.co.uk and www.HQHair.com. Consumer: including www.TheHut.com, www.Zavvi.com, www.Iwantoneofthose.com, www.Allsole.com and www.MyBag.com.

What does The Hut Group do?

The Hut Group is an ecommerce business that sells own-brand and third-party products covering health and beauty, fashion, accessories and sport across 160 websites in 35 languages.

What is The Hut Group Melbourne?

THG Beauty is a global leader in digital beauty, with a unique digital ecosystem, including eight prestige owned beauty brands, a leading beauty subscription box with over 500k subscribers per month, and a retailer of over 1,000 third-party brands, whilst also powering the direct-to-consumer websites of an increasing

Who owns the hut com?

What websites do THG own?

Global appeal We’re proud of our portfolio of premium skincare and beauty lines, such as Cult Beauty, ESPA, Perricone MD and Illamasqua, as well as the number one online pure-play specialist beauty retailer Lookfantastic.

How does THG make money?

International sales accounted for 58% of total group revenue while US revenue accounted for more than 19% of the group, following the acquisition of skincare and beauty marketplace Dermstore. Revenues of THG Beauty and THG Nutrition businesses grew 51.8%, and 20.9%, respectively, during the year.21-Apr-2022

Is THG a good company?

Shopping and technology giant THG slated in reviews by staff, giving it worse workplace rating than its peers. Shopping and technology giant THG has been slated in reviews by its staff, giving it a worse workplace rating than any of its peers.23-Oct-2021

Why did The Hut Group crash?

MARKET REPORT: The Hut Group crashes again as its commercial director Steven Whitehead offloads £8.5m worth of shares. The Hut Group crashed again as its commercial director offloaded £8.5m worth of shares. Steven Whitehead spooked investors by cashing in around half his stake.28-Jan-2022

Why are The Hut Group shares falling?

The fall of The Hut Group was swift as investors started to worry about the company’s earnings, business size, and its claims. As a result, the company became a target of short-sellers.25-Apr-2022

Is Lookfantastic part of The Hut Group?

The Hut Group Acquires Lookfantastic Group, the Market Leader in Online Health & Beauty. The Hut Group today announces the £19.4m acquisition of the lookfantastic Group, the UK’s largest online Health & Beauty retailer, as part of its ongoing strategy to become one of Europe’s largest online players.

How do I contact The Hut Group?

For further enquiries regarding The Hut Group or any of our sites please contact us here or alternatively, phone us on 01606 338197.

Does The Hut Group own myprotein?

The Hut Group Adds Muscle With The Acquisition Of Myprotein.com. The Hut Group today announces its entry into the fast growing sports nutrition market with the acquisition of the UK’s leading online retailer in the category, Myprotein.com.

Who is the CEO of The Hut Group?

Matthew Moulding Matthew is THG’s Chief Executive Officer, having founded the Company in 2004. He has been instrumental in THG’s growth, leading its evolution from an entertainment reseller to a vertically integrated, global e-commerce technology group.

Is The Hut Group Profitable?

The Hut Group (THG) has recorded a rise in both profits and revenues in its full-year results as the online retailer and tech platform clarified ongoing speculation around a potential sale of the group.20-Apr-2022

How many countries do THG operate in?

The business has grown to operate across 169 countries in 31 languages and 39 currencies. A first-time Best Company to Work For, THG was founded by Matthew Moulding and John Gallemore. It operates under four key divisions – THG Beauty; THG Nutrition; THG Lifestyle and THG Experience as one business; and THG Ingenuity.

How many employees does THG have?

8,000 people

Is THG a tech company?

THG Ecosystem Since 2004, we have grown from a British start-up to a globally renowned end-to-end tech platform specialising in taking brands direct to consumers worldwide, powered by our propriety technology platform, THG Ingenuity. In 2020 we listed on the London Stock Exchange in a record-breaking IPO.

Who founded the hut group?

Yet for Matthew Moulding – the founder, chief executive and chair of the e-commerce company The Hut Group (THG) – 2021 proved a humbling year.11-Jan-2022

What is it like working at the hut group?

More About THG Our culture is fast-paced and risk-taking – we like to move twice as fast as any normal person thinks is reasonable. That’s how the company operates and it is part of the DNA that has led to our incredible growth.

Will The Hut Group recover?

The Hut Group share price has made a steady recovery in the past few weeks as investors continue pricing in an acquisition of the embattled company. The THG stock price is trading at 110p, which is substantially above the lowest level this year at 70.30p.04-May-2022

How do I buy THG shares?

How to buy shares in The Hut Group

  • Choose a platform. If you’re a beginner, our share-dealing table below can help you choose.
  • Open your account.
  • Confirm your payment details.
  • Search the platform for stock code: THG in this case.
  • Research The Hut Group shares.
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Who is part of The Hut Group?