How can I register my pet in India?

How can I register my pet in India?

Following documents are required to obtain license: 1. Residential proof 2. passport size photo of a dog 3 copies ( latest ) 3. Photostat copy of vaccination card (vaccinated duly against Rabies disease ) 4.

Do we need license for pets in India?

Delhi/NCR: The Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, Section 399 stipulates that every dog owner should register their pet. The dog registration includes an annual registration fee of Rs. 500 along with documentation to prove vaccination, a photograph, and proof of address as well as breed.28-Jan-2021

How can I license my dog online in India?

The Dog Registration Procedure in India: Steps to Follow

How much does it cost to register a dog in India?

Single Dog Registration

How much does KCI registration cost?

How much does it cost to register with KCI? (v) Application for Registration of PREFIX/AFFIX must be made in the prescribed from and the FEE for REGISTRATION of a PREFIX/AFFIX is Rs. 2000/- and is for life.

Which pets are legal in India?

So, what animals are allowed to be kept as pets?

Is KCI registration mandatory?

It is mandatory to be an IKG subscriber to apply for Transfer of Ownership. If you have a dog whose parents were not registered with KCI than the breeder cannot give you the papers. The KCI registers the dog as "Registration with Unknown Pedigree" fee for the same is Rs. 337/- (WEF 1 Nov 2012).03-Jul-2017

Which pet is not allowed in India?

Cetaceans (dolphin or porpoise), penguins, otters and manatees are banned according to the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. It is also prohibited to keep or sell a few species of endangered fish. India might be known for snake charmers but it is illegal to own any native wildlife snake species here.

What happens if you don't license your dog in India?

The authorities can seize your pet dog at home if you don't have the required license. As per section 191 (A) of the MMC Act, it is compulsory for pet dog owners to have a license.30-Nov-2019

What is KCI certificate for dog?

The Kennel Club of India is the leading authority on registration on purebreds and maintains the only recognized registry. It issues Pedigrees for purebreds and litters. It hosts annual shows across the country and awards championships to various breeds of dogs. The 2019 chairman of KCI is Mr.

Can dog get Aadhaar?

Card-holding canines The dog's Aadhaar was also linked to a cooking gas connection. “I have not been myself lately and so, two months ago, I got my dog's Aadhaar card made,” Khan reportedly said in July 2015. Two other dogs, Mantu and Teena, were also issued Aadhaar cards in the state of Uttar Pradesh.26-Sept-2018

Can I make passport for my dog in India?

In order to obtain an India Pet Passport, dogs and cats will need to have their rabies vaccination between 30 days and 12 months prior to entering India. India recognises both 1-year rabies vaccinations, and 3-year vaccinations.

Can I register my dog in KCI?

Registering your dog with the KCI is quite easy and simple. KCI registration provides you peace of mind. With your registration papers, you can rest easy that your puppy is a pure-bred pup and is worth all your patience, effort and energy invested.10-Oct-2020

How can I get papers for my dog?

What is the best registration for a dog?

The American Kennel Club, a not-for-profit organization, is the nation's oldest, largest, and most esteemed purebred dog registry.

How long does KCI registration take?

As per him it takes 2 months for the registration of the pup from KCI. Request you to please let me know what needs to be done in this case.

Can I kc register my dog without papers?

My dog has no registration papers but is a pedigree dog. Can I register my dog with The Kennel Club? Yes, you can register your dog with The Kennel Club on the Activity Register.

How long does it take to get KCI certificate?

We take only a maximum of 30 days to complete the registration process and dispatch of Certificates to the Breeders /owners.

How many pets are allowed in a household in India?

If you are a flat owner, you can keep only one dog in your home. If you own an independent house, you can keep up to three dogs at your place. Typically, this rule applies to adult dogs.18-Feb-2022

Why pets are not allowed in apartments?

Not allowing pets in an apartment complex or housing society is considered to be a direct violation of the Constitution of India. Section 11(3) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 further stresses on the importance of being kind to animals.07-Aug-2019

Can we keep dogs in flats?

According to the constitution of India, an apartment should not ban the keeping of animals in an apartment and the Section 11 (3) states Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 1960.27-Nov-2014

How can I register my pet in India?