How do I check my fastag customer care number?

How do I check my fastag customer care number?

We are delighted to answer your queries. Feel free to contact us on below given Customer Care Numbers: Please call 1800 3006 9090 / 1860 266 6888 (Local call charges applicable)

How can I talk to Idea customer care?

1) You can call the customer care on 199.

Is Boss an Indian company?

Details. BOSS Home Appliances is a innovative product that was a game changer in Indian Households. Boss India have been manufacturing home and kitchen appliances in India for over three decades.

Why is my FASTag blacklisted?

A blacklist of tag means vehicle is not allowed to pay through FASTag at the toll plaza. There are various reason of blacklisting of Tag, i.e. Tag is not having sufficient balance in his FASTag account. In such cases Customer should call his bank toll free call center numbers and get the reason of blacklist.

How do you check my FASTag is active or not?

The FASTag issued by Bank is pre-activated and loaded with the amount paid by the customer at the time of purchase of the Tag. To check the status of your Tag, login to Kotak FASTag Portal - with your User Id.

What is number of customer care?

contact service number

How do you call 1947?

UIDAI operates toll-free numbers to communicate with the people. Any person who wants to get his query answered can file a complaint or give a suggestion for improvement by calling the toll-free numbers 1947 or 1800 300 1947 which operates 24×7 all 365 days of the year. These numbers are operated by UIDAI.28-Jul-2022

How can I activate my idea SIM?

How to Reactivate your Deactivated Idea Number

Who makes boss?

Boss Corporation

Who is the CEO of Hugo Boss?

He is responsible for Company Strategy, Business Unit BOSS Womenswear, Business Unit BOSS Menswear, Business Unit HUGO, Global Marketing, Global Product Development, Licenses Management as well as Corporate Communications. Daniel Grieder was born in Washington, D.C., USA, in 1961.

Who makes Hugo Boss?

Hugo Boss AG

How do I remove a blacklisted tag?

How would you rate the answer? FASTag gets blacklisted when it doesn't have the minimum balance. You can just recharge it with an adequate amount so that it goes above the minimum threshold limit. When balance reaches above the minimum level, Fastag will automatically be removed from the blacklist.

How do I activate my blacklisted FASTag?

To activate a blocked FASTag, you need to recharge the wallet linked to the tag. You can recharge the FASTag by visiting your tag issuer's portal, My FASTag app, any other payment aggregators or at the toll plaza.06-Jun-2022

Can I have two FASTags?

Only one FASTag can be issued against any particular vehicle at any given point of time, in case customer reaches to PPBL for new FASTag issuance, customer has to ensure that earlier issued FASTag against same vehicle are destroyed and demolished.

Why my FASTag is inactive?

In more than 90% of the cases, the Fastag becomes inactive if a user is not able to maintain sufficient balance in it. There is a minimum recharge amount set by each bank, that must be maintained in your Fastag in order to keep it working and to make the toll payments at the toll collection centers.07-Jul-2022

Where can I check my FASTag balance?

If your mobile number is registered with NHAI's prepaid wallet and you are a prepaid FASTag customer, you can check your FASTag account balance by calling the toll-free number +91-8884333331. This facility is open 24x7.20-Jun-2022

Can we check FASTag balance by vehicle number?

Download and install the MyFastag app on your mobile. After installing, make a login into the app by entering your username/login id and password. Once you are logged in, then you will have to enter your vehicle number. You can now easily check the balance in the Fastag linked to that vehicle number.02-Sept-2022

What are the 3 types of customer service?

Different Types of Customer Service: And When They Matter Most

What is customer service department?

Customer service refers to the assistance an organization offers to its customers before or after they buy or use products or services. Customer service includes actions such as offering product suggestions, troubleshooting issues and complaints, or responding to general questions.

What does customer care do?

Customer service representatives work directly with customers to provide assistance, resolve complaints, answer questions, and process orders. If you enjoy helping people, a job as a customer service representative could be a good fit.14-Jul-2022

How can I track my Aadhar card?

Once the Aadhaar gets generated, you receive an SMS on the registered mobile number. You can also check status of Aadhaar by clicking on “Check Aadhaar Status” or

How do I check my fastag customer care number?