Is TQL free?

Is TQL free?

With TQL Carrier Dashboard, you have unlimited access to our free load board with more than 65,000+ loads a week. You can also review load documents, submit quotes, submit check calls online and more.

Is there a free load board?

NextLOAD: A Free Load Board for Truckers, Brokers & Shippers, established in 2014, is a load board that's faster, easier, and 100% free. That's right, 100% free! Plus, NextLOAD, a product of Apex Capital, is a free load board for everyone – carriers, trucking companies, brokers, and shippers.

How do I book a load with TQL?

Does TQL have cargo van loads?

65,000+ loads a week Unlimited opportunity We work hard, day and night, to be the brokerage of choice for all quality freight carriers.

How long does it take TQL to pay?

Our standard pay terms are 28-days, but sometimes you need it sooner. For that reason, we offer 1-day (at 5% off the gross pay of the load) and 7-day (at 3% off the gross pay of the load) quick pay options. Contact 1.800. 580.3101 ext.

How many LTL carriers does TQL work with?

TQL's Preferred LTL Carrier Program Exceeding customer expectations is what we do. We measure our 40+ less than truckload carriers on key performance metrics to ensure the best quality for our customers.

Does DAT have a free trial?

With paid load boards like DAT, you can find exactly what you're looking for. Even the best free load search boards can't compare to paid options. DAT's load board free trial options let you sample the paid product, allowing you to see what loads are available before you buy.

What load board is best?

Top 5 Load Boards

How much do load boards cost?

$35 to $150/month

Can freight brokers take possession of cargo?

Freight brokers cannot take possession of cargo. They are not freight forwarders or carriers. They can only facilitate The arrangement of delivery.

What does LTL mean in logistics?

Less than truckload

Does Total Quality Logistics drug test?

Yes, Total Quality Logistics drug tests. Typically, Total Quality Logistics only requires a pre-employment drug test.27-Jul-2022

How do you calculate van loads?

Does dat have cargo van loads?

DAT offers the most comprehensive cargo van load boards in the industry, with a variety of features to help carriers save money in the long run. DAT has the largest cargo van load board in the industry. We make it easy to find your next load.

Who owns Total Quality Logistics?

Ken Oaks

Can you make money at TQL?

It's about the same as any entry-level sales job you'll find. Low base salary, requires after hours work, managers pick favorites, 80-150 cold calls a day, poor work/life balance (depending on the accounts you land), but plenty of potential to make money. It's hard work and if the grind life isn't for you, that's ok.

How hard is it to get hired at TQL?

The hiring process is very fast. After passing a phone interview, you will come into the office for an interview with recruiting and a manger. 2-3 week multiple interview process.18-Jun-2016

What should I wear to my TQL interview?

TQL allows casual attire, but always expects professional behavior.

What are TQLS hours?


What is a drayage carrier?

It specifically refers to freight that is moved over a short distance. When you see shipping containers being transported by trucks along the highway, those are drayage trucks. In simple terms, a drayage trucker is someone who drives a truck that is transporting shipping containers.

What are TQL 4 winning principles?

About TQL: Fierce dedication to the company's winning principles – integrity, honesty and teamwork – gives TQL the edge to continually exceed the expectations of its employees, customers and carriers, and makes this a company people are proud to be associated with.12-Feb-2019

Is TQL free?