What is CCKB paperboard?

What is CCKB paperboard?

Clay Coated Kraft Back is paperboard made of 100% recycled paper. CCKB contains a clay coated surface on one side and a kraft paperboard back. CCKB is commonly used for direct food contact. BENDING CHIP. Bending Chip is made of 100% recycled kraft paper on both sides (not clay coated).

What does CCNB stand for in packaging?

Clay Coated Newsback

What is CCNB made of?

Clay Coated Newsback (CCNB) is made from recycled paper pulp and features a kaolin clay coating on the front side for a smooth printing surface. The backside features a brown or grey kraft uncoated finish, which tends to be rough in texture.

What is clay coated Newsback?

What is Clay-Coated News Back? Among paperboard, CCNB has one of the higher percentages of recycled material. It is commonly used for cereal boxes. The clay coating creates a smooth surface for a crisp print on the top of the board, and the back is a lighter grey color made from recycled newsprint.

What is sus chipboard?

SUS – Solid Unbleached Sulfate (Coated Natural Kraft) SUS paperboard is created with softwood pulp, which results in a tear-resistant material with the greatest strength-to-thickness of paper ratio. SUS has a smooth, coated surface that can be easily printed and a reputation for its durability and strength.

What is clay coat paper?

Clay coated paper is a type of paper (coated paper) whose one or both sides are coated with refined clay to achieve high quality print results.

What does SBS board mean?

Solid Bleached Sulfate

What is solid bleached sulfate board?

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) is a virgin fiber grade of paperboard. SBS is made purely from bleached wood pulp with a clay mineral coated top surface. It is a medium density board with good printing properties for high-end graphical and packaging projects. It can easily be cut, creased, hot foil stamped and embossed.

What is a duplex board?

Duplex board, which is also known as Grey back or White back duplex boards, is a form of paperboard or cardboard with a double-sided grey or white color. Since it is made up of two layers, or plies, it is referred to as duplex board. Duplex board has a shiny coat finish on one side for superior printability.

What is clay coated cardboard?

Clay coated board (CRB/CCNB) is recycled white one side paperboard that has been clay coated and the back side of the sheet is grey or brown. This board is good for printing and the cost of this board, while typically more expensive than chipboard and graphic board, is typically less expensive than SBS.

Is clay coated paper recyclable?

For many glossy papers, the additives are natural, which is fine clay. In the recycling process, recycling companies only need to employ a unique method to wash off the clay. This way, the papers would become fit to be recycled.

Can SBS paperboard be recycled?

Recycled-content SBS Printkote Eagle(R) C1S paperboard is said to provide all of the benefits of SBS, including printability, uniformity and runnability, with the added benefit of 30-percent post-consumer-recycled content.

What is the difference between FBB and SBS board?

The difference between boards is very basic. SBS can be single or multi-ply board, but is comprised of 100-percent chemical pulp. FBB always is multi-ply and utilizes a combination of chemical and some form of MP (Mechanical Pulp) or TMP (Thermo Mechanical Pulp). See Figure 1.11-Mar-2016

What is 24pt SBS?

24pt is 24 thousands of an inch or about the thickness of 6 sheets of copier paper. Solid Bleached Sulfate is great for making folding cartons, posters and craft projects. This product has a basis weight of 84 and a M weight of 607#/MS which means that 1000 sheets weights 607 pounds.20-Dec-2011

What is FBB paper used for?

Widely used for making packaging boxes for items and gifts. This paper is used for printing.It is also ideal for kids art and craft and for school design work. It serves as cards stock for invitation, greeting and business card. Can be used for presentation, book covers and brochure .

How do I know if my paper is coated or uncoated?

Coated papers have a coating on them (typically clay), so they're “sealed.” This restricts the amount of ink that is absorbed into the paper, allowing the ink to sit on top of the paper, in a crisp defined dot. Uncoated papers do not have this coating and thus are more porous.20-Feb-2019

What paper is used to print magazines?

Traditionally, coated papers have been the most commonly used when printing magazines. Coated papers have got a matte or glossy, shiny surface which also reduce the ink absorbancy. Various materials can be used for coating, but one of the most well-known is kaolinite, also called china clay.

What machine gives paper its high gloss?

Machine-glazed (MG) known as a MG cylinder. This gives one side of the paper a smooth, glossy appearance while the other remains relatively rough.

What is SBS paperboard used for?

SBS is produced from bleached virgin wood pulp and can be used as a moisture barrier in the liquid and food packaging and high-end packaging where the quality of printed image is required. Common uses of SBS are health and beauty packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and frozen food packaging.

Is SBS board biodegradable?

Uncoated SBS is biodegradable and can be broken down quickly and safely without leaving a pernicious impact on our planet.30-Aug-2019

What are the different types of folding boxboard?

Folding Box Board, aka FBB, is classified as GC. As with duplex board, FBB has 3 subtypes however these are not categorised by bulk but by the colour on the reverse. FBB is produced with bleached coated fibres on the top layer with the reverse layer being white (GC1), cream (GC2) or brown (GC3).

What is CCKB paperboard?