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About India Post Office Services

The Department of Posts was founded in 1854. It is operated by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. Generally it is called as Post Office in India. It has one of the best and good historical records. It has the most widely postal network in India and also in the world. It spreads its wings in almost every rural area in India. It has 89.87% delivery offices are located in rural areas.

It is India's largest platform of delivering mails, financial services and has product acquisition capabilities. No doubt, it is the number 1 player in the on road mail services in India and amongst the top 3 players in the mail delivering industry across world. It has a network of over 1,55,015 post offices across India.

It offers secure and reliable delivery of consignments across every corner of India. It has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Its vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities. The major important thing of Indian postal service is that it focused on each and every individual customer with quality services.

For more than 150 years, the Department of Posts can be used across a host of delivering mail services, including speed post, registered post, express parcel, media post and etc, as well as financial services to online and offline, including savings account, recurring deposit, time deposit, money transfer, insurance and etc, and also providing the retail services like bill collection, sale of form and etc. It is best for one and all.

It is well known for its product innovation and cutting edge technology. It touches every heart of Indian citizen. It offers services to customers at low price with best quality. It is the backbone of country’s communication. It is playing crucial role in both social and economical development of India. It bridges the services between Government of India and citizens of India.

India Post Mail Services

It offers three types services to Indian citizens. They are premium mail services, domestic mail services and international mail services. These services to customers are value for money basis with honesty, speed and reliability. The mail services are given below:

Speed Post

It is the premium and time bound postal service in India. Past 28 years, it is the market leader in domestic express India. It delivers documents or parcels or packages with maximum accuracy. It deliveries parcel up to 35 kg weight in India. it is the first choice of every Indian citizen. Because it will come in affordable price with reliable and responsive.

The booking facility of Speed mail is available 24 hours across selected offices in major cities. India post offers huge discounts for corporate and other regular customers. It has both internet and SMS bases track and trace facility. It is available in almost all every post office across India.

india post tracking

Express Parcel

It is a premium air express and time bound parcel service in India. It is available throughout the county. Express parcel is suitable for small business persons. It is available for both retail and corporate customers. All consignments are delivered at customer's doorstep. Pickup facility is also available.

It offers cash on delivery facility for E-commerce customers. For retail customers up to Rs 5000 of value payable facility is available. This parcel can be tracked in both online and SMS.

Business Parcel

It is a premium surface service in India. It is best suitable for business customers. It is providing services with both economical and reliable. It is available throughout country. Consignments are delivered at customer doorstep. India Post gives the best discounts. Consignments can be tracked via internet.

Business parcel provides the pickup facility at their doorstep. It provides the cash on delivery facility for E-commerce customers up to Rs 50000. It is delivering the articles up to the weight 35 Kg.

Logistics post

It is a premium service in India. It is suitable for business customers, because it is flexible, convenient, cost effective and efficient. It is divided in to two parts. One is full truck load and another one is less than a truck load. It moves consignments by road, rail and air. It deliveries parcels with safe, secure and fast.

Logistics post offers storage facility for customers for dispatch and delivery of parcels. Pick and pack facility also available for customers. One of the best features of logistics post is return service.

Registered post

It is traditional service. It is also called as ‘Registration’. It is one of the best services by India post. It is safe, secure and transmitted under special precautions. It is value for money basis service. Most of the customers preferred this service, due to its special care.

One of the best features of Registered post is that it kept records during the transmission of article. If in any case the international registered post is damaged or loss or theft then a companion of 30 SDR will be paid by Department of Posts.

Letter, Book Packet, Parcel, Registered Newspaper

Letter – It is a communication and enclosed in an envelope with addressed.

Book Packet – It is sent in card form. It can be sending by folding or not. It is neither thinner nor more flexible.

Parcel – you can send any articles, except those articles, which are prohibited.

Registered Newspaper – you can send newspaper, with or without advertisement.

Inland Letter Card, Post Card, Blind literature Packet

Inland Letter Card – It is a communication. It is used in India only.

Post Card – It is a open communication on a card in prescribed size.

Blind Literature packet – It is for blind people only. It is up to 7 Kg's.

Insurance, Value Payable post

Insurance – Articles may be insured at post office. This will covers all risks.

Value Payable post – This is suitable for those persons, who want to pay bills or railway receipts or etc.


Department of Indian postal service is pride for them by offering the services what the customer’s needs. It becomes the first postal service in India that provides both domestic and international services. It is the largest leading Government organization that offers comprehensive mail delivering services for both individual and business customers.

Department of Posts aim is to providing one stop solutions for all customers needs. It provides the highest standards of services for your letters, parcels and consignments. In addition, it is developing the latest technology for finding the track and trace solutions for mails like India post tracking. In India, it provides the services with affordable price with speed, secure and safe. This is very useful for common person.

Finally, it is most reliable and trusted service provider in India, with commitment of on time and prompt delivering. It spreads the wings at all over of country, including rural areas, where no road transportation. It is known for reliability and integrity.