Speed Post Tracking


It is best speed post tracking form to find the current status of your consignment or parcel. Simply enter your India post tracking number in the above test box and click the ‘Track Speed Post' button.

One of the most Priority services of the department of Indian postal service is India post tracking. It is specially designed for corporate clients, multi nationals, financial institutes, banking, and insurance companies. Its services are accurate and fast when compared with other services of India post like the registered post, express parcel, logistic post and etc.

In order to check the status of the courier using the speed post tracking feature one has to use the air waybill number provided by the Indian post office. This will give you the complete status right from the origin location to the destination location.

India Post Tracking Status

Indian postal service provides many services like domestic and international mail services, banking, insurance, stamps, e-commerce, business solutions and etc. One of the main services is delivering mails. To find the status of articles, there are many ways through which Speed Post Tracker inquiry can be made. The most popular ways are listed below:

Speed Post Tracker Enquiry Through Online Live Website

This is the most preferred way and best feature to enquire about your current package status. It delivers with maximum accuracy. It is easy, reliable, and fast. It is also a cheap service with the best quality. Here, we provide some best websites that you can use for inquiry:

1. espeedpost.in

When we compare the India Post with Indian Railways, then both have same qualities. Like India post is used to book the consignments and send the parcels to from source to destination. Same way Indian Railways is used to book the reserved tickets and send the passengers from source to destination. India Post has one of the best speed post tracking tool, using this tool the customers can check the current status of article. Same way Indian Railways has PNR Status tool, using this tool the passengers can check the current reservation status. Check out here for more information about India Postal service and India Railways.

It is doing a great job in helping every Indian citizen to find their current booking parcel status. Apart from tracking inquiry, one can also check Registered Post tracking status, India Post tracking status, Electronic Money Order status, Express parcel status and etc. As a customer, you can follow the below methods, to find the status of the article.

  • First, you have to look for the consignment or tracking number, which is printed on the top of the parcel booking receipt.
  • Enter the thirteen (13) digit barcode (printed on the receipt) in the above tracking form. This barcode represents the reference number.
  • Now press the 'Track India Post' button.
  • Finally, you will get the current delivery status.

speed post tracking

2. www.indiapost.gov.in

This is India Post office official portal. This website belongs to the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications, Government of India. It is designed and maintained by TCS (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.).

Like TCS, there are many companies, which are developing the tracking tools for many private companies and also developing much software for different organizations. These companies are also developing the different and popular games in the world. In the game zone unblocked games are different and most interesting games. The most popular and people loved unblocked games are available at Google Sites. Here, you will get thousands of verity of unblocked games.

Current Tracking Status Check Using SMS

Indian postal has launched SMS service for consignment status inquiry to enhance customer satisfaction. The Indian citizens, who have no internet access, it is very useful, easy, and convenient. The important points to remember for SMS tracking are given below:

  • All letters are capital only. Because SMS is case sensitive.
  • The parcel status is available up to 60 days from the date of booking.
  • This service is available on all mobile networks across India.
  • Rates will be charged according to the service provider.

Most popular ways are given below:

1. 166 SMS Service

This service was initially launched by India Post Office. In order to get Speed Post tracking status on mobile through SMS, one need to send the following message on 166.

POST TRACK <Your Consignment Number>. For example: POST TRACK EE123654789IN.Available on: Airtel, JIO, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Tata Docomo, Aircel, MTNL and etc.

2. 51969 SMS Service

This SMS service is maintained by the Department of India Postal service, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

SMS POST TRACK <Your Consignment Number> and send it to 51969. You will get a reply with the current article status. For example: POST TRACK EE213465897XX

Mobile Applications

Recently many organizations like both private and Government are developing their mobile apps for Android, IOS, and Windows phones. It is very useful and impressive to customers. Departments Posts brings mobile banking application to its valued customers, where you can find tracking status, post office search, banking and etc.

It is very useful and comfortable. So that customers can do postal services anytime and anywhere using your mobile device. This method is good for frequent users and also esteemed valued customers. This application was developed by the Center for Excellence in Postal Technology, which is under the Departments of Indian Postal service, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India.

Enquiry at India Post Office Counters

This method is a time-consuming method, but a useful method for those customers who are not able to use both Internet and SMS methods. So these types of customers just visit the nearest India Post office and ask inquiry counter attendee.

Just submit you’re booking receipt at the post office counter, then the attendee will provide you the current status of the article by checking in the system. So finally you can know the current status of the article.

What is a Consignment number?

A consignment or tracking number is a barcode related number. And it is the permanent reference number of your shipment when you book the parcel. This barcode is scanned as an item moves from source to destination. Every shipment has a unique consignment number. It contains all the details of your package journey.

It is a record in the database of India Post central server against which parcel journey details for a customer. Sometimes the details of your shipment are not found, which means the parcel booking office is not yet updated with the server.

When a person is booked a parcel, then India Post allots a unique reference number. It is printed or attached to the barcode at the top of the parcel. To be specific, all the details like waybill number, booking date, source, destination and etc are saved in the database against the reference number.

Speed Post Tracking Formats

To find the consignment status of your package, you have to enter the correct tracking number format. The reference number varies according to mail service. The different types of India Post tracking formats are given below:

Service TypeFormatNo. of Digits
Speed Post (EMS) DomesticEE159347268IN13
International EMS ArticlesEE258369147XX13
Registered PostRX147369258IN13
Electronic Money Order(eMO)36925814725814736918
Express Parcel PostXX654789123XX13

If you are finding any problem in terms of tracking the status of your consignment, then contact the customer care of the Department of Postal service, Government of India.

About Speed Post

It is the market leader in the domestic industry. It has the brand name for the fastest service provider around the world. It provides both domestic and international services. It serves across every corner of India. It delivers the articles within 2 to 3 days. It has the premium, express and time-bound postal service for documents and merchandise.

This is a cheaper service provider and for the widest network delivering, when compared to other courier company service providers in India. It is a reliable, economical, and affordable service provider. The consignments cost is only INR 15.00 up to 50 grams across India. This postal service is value for money to every customer.

It deliveries articles safe and secure. It has a fast and high secure rate. For the last 28 years, it deliveries almost 4 crore articles and helping every Indian citizen with affordable prices. It is linked up with Universal postal Union and EMS, so with this it deliveries across 99 foreign countries. For EMS complaints, please visit the gateway centers at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

Features and Services of Speed Post

  • Indian postal service offers up to one lakh on consignments based on the terms and conditions.
  • 24 hours booking facility available in selected offices in major cities.
  • You can find the consignment status of your article by using an internet track and trace system and SMS based system.
  • You can receive an SMS on your registered mobile number when the article is received at the destination point.
  • Free pick up for corporate and bulk customers. This service is at their premises through on-call or regular collection service.
  • Corporate and contract customers have credit facilities. They can book the article and pay later. And also India Post provides huge discounts to them.
  • Cash on delivery for e-commerce.
  • The maximum weight for an international speed post is 35 kg.
  • India postal service pays INR 1000 if the domestic article is lost or damaged.
  • Department Of India Post office pays 30 SDR if the international article is lost or damaged.

Advantages and Disadvantages India Post

Its advantages and disadvantages, when compared to other mails and courier services are given below:


  • Assured and speedy delivery of parcels.
  • Delivered with high speed and security.
  • The addressee receives the parcels at his doorstep.
  • The package will be delivered within 2 to 3 days in India.
  • Post offices are located in every corner of India. So parcels are dispatched easily.
  • Signature is a must at the time of delivery.
  • If the parcel is not delivered then it will be returned to the sender.
  • Coverage across the world. And the package is safe and reliable.
  • The high response rate from customers.


  • Not possible to send heavy and bulk goods.
  • More expensive to send a large number of goods.
  • It cannot find everywhere across the globe. Because it has only selected places only.

How to send a package via India Post?

Follow the below steps to send the article to avoid delays or return of the parcel:

  • Always write complete and correct address with pin code of the sender and receiver.
  • Make it easy to read. Avoid periods, commas, or other punctuation.
  • Check the weight of the package, then calculate the postage value according to weight.
  • Don’t put the prohibited items in the package.
  • Visit the nearest post office.
  • Pay the money according to weight.
  • Post office attendee will give you a receipt.
  • Put receipt safely until the parcel reaches the destination.
  • Track consignment status here.

Types of Indian Postal Department Mail Services

It is good to know the services offered by the Department of India Post. Here we are providing some services with brief details:

Domestic Mail Products: India Post domestic mail products to the customers are value for money basis. It serves its customers with a human touch. It is responsive and reliable. It serves across India with fast and secure. It has a huge network. It provides many domestic services like letter, book packet, parcel, registered newspaper, inland letter card, postcard, blind literature packer, registration, insurance and value payable post.

International Mail Products: Department of Indian postal service provides basic and premium international services like postcards, Aerogramme, Small Packets, Blind Literature, Printed Papers, M Bag, EMS Speed post, international air parcel, international tracked packets and export of commercial items through the postal channel. It provides services with responsive and reliable. It has the highest order of honesty, transparency and professionalism.

Premium Products: It provides premium services like Speed Post (Explains above), Express Parcel, Business Parcel, and Logistics Post. Express parcel is an air express and time-bound service. The business parcel is business customers for economical and reliable. Logistics Post provides a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Other products: It provides banking, insurance, stamps, and e-commerce services like a savings account, money order, mutual funds, postal life insurance, rural postal life insurance, online banking, philately products, and etc.

Why To Choose India Post

Finally, the Indian postal service provides trusted, responsible, relevant, and reliable services that connect all the Indian citizens in an ethical and transparent way.

Department of Indian postal service delivers millions of letters and packages every year. It creates the best environment for employees, so can feel that they are working at home. And it is useful for them to serve them better to their customers. They take responsibility for each and every service, so that they can serve fast, safely, and securely.

The Indian postal service is the gateway in India for customers. They offer solutions for sending mails, packages, and parcels. The speed post tracking of Indian postal services is a preferred, reliable, accurate, and trusted service partner for all customers. It acts as an interface between citizens and the Government of India. It is passionate about customers and high delivery standards.

It is the largest delivery company around the world. It is passionate and excellent in providing customer service. They treat each other with fairness and respect. They serve customers with pride and passion. They are committed to a safe and healthy environment for all customers and employees. With innovative ideas, India Post always goes the extra mile for customers in terms of providing good services.