Registered Post Tracking


To check your current status of parcels and consignments, enter the Registered post tracking number in the test box given above and click the 'Track Registered Post' button.

How to Track Registered Post

The step by step process of the parcel booked via registration is given below:

  • Enter valid consignment number in the above form or in the India Post office official website. And press ‘Track Registered Post’ button.
  • It is unique and not case sensitive. So you can use either capital or small letters.
  • A new web page will be opened with more detailed information about your consignment current status. It will also inform you about parcel expected delivery time at your destination and also current location.
  • This data is available for three months only. After that this data will automatically deleted.

To find the current status of the article, you have to enter the right information in a right way. The main confusing option is to select the tracking number. Let us understand the process by the following example.

Example: Suppose you have to find the status of the consignment number 'RX456789312IN' from Delhi to Kolkata booked on 15 April. Then enter the tracking number correctly in the form. After that it will show the minute to minute and hour to hour status of the parcel.

In case the consignment status for your queried parcel is not delivered, there could be several reasons:

  • You have entered an incorrect or invalid tracking number.
  • Parcel van is not yet started from its source place.
  • Delivery of the package will be late as expected time and date.

registered post tracking

About Registered Post

Indian postal has launched SMS service for consignment status enquiry to enhance customer satisfaction. The Indian citizens, who has no internet access, it is very useful, easy and convenient. The important points to remember for SMS tracking are given below:

Are you wanted to send the important articles? And also you want to know that the letter or parcel has arrived safely. Then there is service which is best suitable for you called Registered post. This service provides us no tensions and made our mind with peace. It sends the parcel across India and globe with secure and reliable way with proof of postage and signature on delivery.

Department of India Postal service offers two types of services, they are traditional services and premium services. Where traditional services are non taxable and premium service are taxable. Here registered mail is a traditional service. It provides secure transmission of customer articles. It provides your letter arrived safety. It is more secure and deliveries within 2 to 7 days.

It is market pioneer in the market from last twenty years. It features are just like ordinary post, but have some extra features like safety, secure, fast and delivered to the exact person. One more special feature registered mail is that it is delivered to exact person at the time of delivery and also, the recipient has to submit the identity proof. Its cost is high when compared to other posts like speed post, ordinary and etc.

The status of the article can be finding by using the above form or by visiting the official website. You can also find the tracking status through SMS. This post is generally used for important documents by Government institutions, university applications, media, philatelists, baking services like credit cards and debit cards, private business communications and etc.

Registration is compulsory for the following:

  • Parcel exceeds 4 kilograms in weight.
  • Custom declaration required articles.
  • 'Registered' word appears on the cover of the parcel.
  • A package contains the materials like stamps, cheque, bank note and etc.
  • Insured articles and also Value payable article.

Here the most important part is that how to book an article. Those steps are given below:

  • First bring your article to any nearest post office.
  • Declare the value of item.
  • Attach the registered mail label.
  • Pay the appropriate postage cost to attendee.
  • Hand the item over the counter.
  • Get the receipt.
  • Track and trace the item until it deliveries to the recipient.

What vital information could be tracked from Registered Post Tracking

The following information can be tracked

  • Parcel current status.
  • Delay of a package.
  • Expected departure time the consignment.
  • Details of last locations, where parcel van has travelled.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Registered Post

If a person wants to book a consignment then the person has to know basic pros and cons of the parcel. Then only we book the right parcel of our choice. In the below, we are providing the advantages and disadvantages of Registered mail, so that you can choose the right one.


  • It is service oriented.
  • Its services are value for money basis.
  • Regular, consistent and wide range.
  • It transmitted under special precautions.
  • Unique tracking number for your package.
  • Identity proof is also must to receive the package.
  • Provides extra cover. So that safety will increase.
  • Signature of the person is must to receive the parcel.
  • Tracking status of your article can be find via SMS or Internet.
  • Addressee is specific. It means this person is only receiving the article.
  • You can get the receipt (proof of consignment), when you book the parcel at the post office.
  • Special records are maintained by India Post office at all stages the article passes through.
  • Parcel is returned to you if the recipient is moved to another place or the address is incorrect or doesn’t exist.
  • It is safe, reliable and secure. So that the parcel can reach the destination safely. It handled with high security.
  • Post men tries for three (3) times to deliver the article to recipient. If still not available the only returns to sender.
  • Companion for international registered article book in Indian post offices in India. That is up to 30 SDR will be paid.


  • Delivery time is similar to article. So it is time consuming.
  • Its delivery time also high. Normally it takes 2 to 7 days.
  • Booking charges are high, when compared to speed post and etc.
  • Forward mail is not available. If the recipient moves house from old address to new address then he loses his package.

Types of Articles booked under Registered Post

  • Letters.
  • Parcels.
  • Post cards.
  • Letter cards.
  • News paper.
  • Blind literature packets.
  • Book and pattern packets.


Indian postal service is committed to offer the customers with high quality services, which fulfill their needs. And also India Post is committed to provide the information about registered post tracking status of an article with clear, timely and accurate. It provides the services to the customers with value for money based services.