Registered Post Tracking


Enter the Registered post tracking number in the test box that has been provided above, and then click the button labelled "Track Registered Post" to check the current status of your packages and shipments.

How to Track Registered Post

The step by step process of the parcel booked via registration is given below:

  • Enter valid consignment number in the above form or in the India Post office official website. And press ‘Track Registered Post’ button.
  • It is unique and not case sensitive. So you can use either capital or small letters.
  • A new web page will be opened with more detailed information about your consignment current status. It will also inform you about parcel expected delivery time at your destination and also current location.
  • This data is available for three months only. After that this data will automatically deleted.

In order to discover the current standing of the article, you will need to provide the correct information in the correct manner. The selection of the tracking number is the most confusing of the available options. The following illustration will serve to clarify the procedure for us.

Example: Let's say you have been tasked with determining the whereabouts of a shipment with the code RX456789312IN that was booked from Delhi to Kolkata on April 15th. After then, ensure that the form contains the correct tracking number. After that, the minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour status of the parcel will be displayed on the screen.

If the consignment status for your questioned cargo shows that it has not been delivered, there are a few possible explanations for this:

  • You have entered an incorrect or invalid tracking number.
  • Parcel van is not yet started from its source place.
  • Delivery of the package will be late as expected time and date.

registered post tracking

About Registered Post Tracking

In an effort to improve consumer happiness, the Indian postal service recently introduced an SMS service for enquiring about the status of shipments. For Indian individuals, who do not have access to the internet, this is a really helpful, simple, and convenient option. The following is a list of the key considerations to keep in mind with SMS tracking:

Would it be possible for you to send over the necessary articles? In addition to this, you are concerned about the well-being of the letter or package until you hear that it has been delivered. Then there is a service called Registered post that is the one that will fit your needs the most. Because of this service, we do not have any tensions, and our mind is at rest as a result. It is possible to mail packages all over India and the world in a safe and dependable manner, providing proof of postage and requiring a signature upon delivery.

Office of the Indian Department The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides two distinct types of services, which are referred to respectively as standard services and premium services. In this system, standard services are exempt from taxation, but premium services are subject to taxation. The sending of mail that has been registered is a common practise in this region. It ensures the safety of the shipment of items purchased by customers. It ensures that your letter was delivered safely. It is safer, and delivery can take place within two to seven days.

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, it has been a pioneer in the market. It functions in the same way as regular mail, but it also has certain additional features, such as being safe, secure, quick, and delivered to the intended recipient. In addition, the recipient of registered mail is required to provide evidence of their identification and the package is only given to the specific person who was designated at the time of purchase as the recipient. When compared to the cost of other types of post, such as speed post, ordinary post, and so on, its price is significantly higher.

Either by utilising the form that has been provided above or by going to the official website, one can determine the current state of the article. SMS is another available method for obtaining tracking information. This post is typically reserved for the delivery of significant documents by government agencies, university applications, the media, philatelists, baking services like credit cards and debit cards, correspondence between private businesses, and so on.

Registration is compulsory for the following:

  • Parcel exceeds 4 kilograms in weight.
  • Custom declaration required articles.
  • 'Registered' word appears on the cover of the parcel.
  • A package contains the materials like stamps, cheque, bank note and etc.
  • Insured articles and also Value payable article.

Here the most important part is that how to book an article. Those steps are given below:

  • First bring your article to any nearest post office.
  • Declare the value of item.
  • Attach the registered mail label.
  • Pay the appropriate postage cost to attendee.
  • Hand the item over the counter.
  • Get the receipt.
  • Track and trace the item until it deliveries to the recipient.

What vital information could be tracked from Registered Post Tracking

The following information can be tracked

  • Parcel current status.
  • Delay of a package.
  • Expected departure time the consignment.
  • Details of last locations, where parcel van has travelled.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Registered Post

If someone wants to book a consignment, then that person has to be aware of the fundamental benefits and drawbacks of the package. Then, and only then, do we book the appropriate shipment according to our preferences. In the following, we will discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of using Registered mail, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.


  • It is service oriented.
  • Its services are value for money basis.
  • Regular, consistent and wide range.
  • It transmitted under special precautions.
  • Unique tracking number for your package.
  • Identity proof is also must to receive the package.
  • Provides extra cover. So that safety will increase.
  • Signature of the person is must to receive the parcel.
  • Tracking status of your article can be find via SMS or Internet.
  • Addressee is specific. It means this person is only receiving the article.
  • You can get the receipt (proof of consignment), when you book the parcel at the post office.
  • Special records are maintained by India Post office at all stages the article passes through.
  • Parcel is returned to you if the recipient is moved to another place or the address is incorrect or doesn’t exist.
  • It is safe, reliable and secure. So that the parcel can reach the destination safely. It handled with high security.
  • Post men tries for three (3) times to deliver the article to recipient. If still not available the only returns to sender.
  • Companion for international registered article book in Indian post offices in India. That is up to 30 SDR will be paid.


  • Delivery time is similar to article. So it is time consuming.
  • Its delivery time also high. Normally it takes 2 to 7 days.
  • Booking charges are high, when compared to speed post and etc.
  • Forward mail is not available. If the recipient moves house from old address to new address then he loses his package.

Types of Articles booked under Registered Post

  • Letters.
  • Parcels.
  • Post cards.
  • Letter cards.
  • News paper.
  • Blind literature packets.
  • Book and pattern packets.


The mission of the Indian Postal Service is to provide its clients with services of the highest possible quality, tailored specifically to meet their requirements. In addition, India Post is dedicated to providing information that is transparent, updated in a timely manner, and accurate on the registered post tracking status of an item. It offers services to consumers that are predicated on providing value for the money spent on those services.